Talented Usos Family Member Joshua Samuel Fatu About

Talented Usos Family Member Joshua Samuel Fatu About 




Jey and Jimmy Usos family come from the prestigious Anoa’i wrestling family of American Samoa. The face paints they use as a tag team Usos is a tribute to that legacy and Hard also to their uncle Taleneted Usos Eddie Fatu aka Umaga. who helped them get trained in WWE Talented Usos Family Member. Before that, it is their father Rikishi who trained them in wrestling

since childhood. Rikishi Are Also Good Wrestler And Also Good and Hard Fighter..

1. WWE Talented Usos Career

Before joining the professional wrestling circuit, Jey Usos used to work as a furniture mover and settler

a job he shared all secote with his brother Jimmy Usos Family In 2009. Jey and Jimmy debuted in FCW together as a tag team.

They are very talented in fight and went on to win the FCW Tag Team Championship. Halfway through the next year, the Talented Usos were we promoted to the main rostered.

WWE Career

Along Time with his twin brother Jimmy, Jey they are also called twin brother started out in WWE as a heel when their tag team attacked the Hart Dynasty on their debut match his very cheter. This feud with the Harts went on for majority in 2010 Later in 2011, they turned face while fighting The Corre on Superstars or good and vvip in a losing match.

Then onwards Twins Brother compelecated for the title of the Tag Team Championships also ply good fight usos family which they finally win in 2014 defeating the New Age Outlaws. On their way up to the title, they defeated the likes of Prime Time Players, The Shield and The Wyatt Father

Talented Usos Jey wwe

They’d continue to keep this once more prior to the manufacturer divided within 2016 defeating the actual United states Leader. Following the divided, the actual Usos might change back heel once again as well as provide a big change within their online game as well as general mindset, that
might observe all of them obtain achievement. The actual Usos possess guarded the actual SmackDown Reside Label Group Tournament
3 times since plus they often feud to maintain upon keeping this.
06 8, 2007
Diamond ring Titles:
The actual Fatu Siblings, The actual Fatu Twin babies, The actual Uso Siblings, The actual Usos
Charged Pounds:
228 pound (103 kg)
Host to Delivery:
Bay area, Ca
Completing Techniques:
Scuba diving Dash, occasionally like a Frog Dash
Personal Techniques:
North Lighting Suplex, Operating Forearm Break
Rikishi(father), Crazy Samoan Instruction Middle
Main Game titles:
FCW Sarasota Label Group Tournament (1 time)
PWI Label Group from the 12 months (2014)
WWE Label Group Tournament (2 times)
WWE Smackdown Label Group Tournament (4 times)
Slammy Honor with regard to Label Group from the 12 months (2014)
Slammy Honor with regard to Label Group from the 12 months (2015)
Individuals Additionally Request
Exactly how aged is actually Jey Uso?
thirty-three many years (August twenty two, 1985)
The number of children will Jey Uso possess?
Jey Uso is actually hitched and it has 2 son’s below age 10.

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