5 Legendary WWE Superstars who could follow Sting to AEW in the coming year

They say that anything could happen in the world of professional wrestling, and that was certainly the case when WWE Hall of Famer Sting showed up, out of the blue, on AEW at their ‘Winter is Coming’ edition.

And this begs the question, could more WWE legends and Hall of Famers show up to AEW next? We pick the five likeliest names that could and invite you to chime in with your thoughts and views in the comments.

#5 Could WWE megastar Brock Lesnar mix it up with the AEW roster?

As stunned as the world was when Sting showed up in AEW once his contract expired, Brock Lesnar may well be a much bigger coup, in comparison, if he does sign with the company in due course of time.

Brock Lesnar’s contract with WWE expired a few months ago, and he is now a free agent, who could potentially sign with the company when the time is right. There are enough big guys in the AEW roster, be it Brian Cage or Wardlow or Jake Hager, that Lesnar can potentially have great matches with.

The only reason why this option is so very low in this list is because apparently WWE is considering him for a big WrestleMania match, as can be read in the Tweet linked above. But speaking of WWE, Brock Lesnar still has unfinished business with Jon Moxley, or Dean Ambrose from the time when both men were in the company. They could certainly have the same match once again, considering that Moxley is a much bigger star than he was during his WWE run back then.

Even a possible match for ‘The Beast’ against Cody Rhodes just seems like a pretty big-ticket affair at this point.

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