He and I almost came to blows backstage,” says Seth Rollins about an incident with Brodie Lee

The wrestling world is still in a state of shock after Brodie Lee’s passing. Every member of the wrestling fraternity has come out on social media to share a story about Lee.

Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins to has taken to social media to share a heartfelt story about Brodie Lee.

Seth Rollins and Brodie Lee, who was known as Luke Harper in WWE, have had vicious battles in, as well as before their time, in WWE. The two wrestlers were a part of rival stables known as The Shield and Wyatt Family.

Seth Rollins pays homage to Brodie Lee

In his message, Seth Rollins said that Brodie Lee was a loving husband and a devoted father. Rollins mentioned Lee’s passion for the business and his jovial nature. The former Universal Champion also spoke about the time he vouched hard for Lee in WWE and was glad that the two got to work together in the promotion. In his post, Seth Rollins recalled a time when the two wrestlers almost came to blows backstage.

“He and I almost came to blows backstage during the Shield/Wyatt series. We were both so fired up trying to do right by our respective squads that we tended to get a little snippy towards each other. It was the best. He was the best,” said Rollins.

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