5 Best WWE promos in 2020 – Roman Reigns destroys top Superstar, iconic legend’s last promo for the company

WWE promos are a vital part of any storyline. It can make and break a character within seconds. The promos undeniably have the power to get the fans excited over the feuds and controls how invested the crowd can be in those segments. While some Superstars fail to make the best use of this opportunity, others rely on good promos to take them far ahead in the business.

In this article, we will take a look at the five best promos in WWE this year that will live in our memory for years to come. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#5 Roman Reigns gets honest with Drew McIntyre (WWE SmackDown)

Roman Reigns was brilliant during this segment
Roman Reigns was brilliant during this segment

2020 was finally the year that saw WWE Superstar Roman Reigns turn heel. He returned after spending months away from the television and went straight after the Universal Championship. The Tribal Chief then got his hands on the coveted title after defeating both ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman and aligning himself with business veteran Paul Heyman.

In the weeks that followed, Reigns established himself as a dominant heel and gained everyone’s attention. His brutal feud with Jey Uso played a huge role in establishing Reigns as an arrogant villain. All of this allowed Reigns to gain a lot of momentum ahead of the WWE Survivor Series, during which he crossed paths with Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship on the RAW before Survivor Series and arrived on SmackDown later that week for signing the contract of the Champion vs. Champion match at the pay-per-view. The meeting between the biggest heel and the biggest face of WWE accounted for a highly entertaining segment that certainly lived up to its hype.

Reigns had the opportunity to assert his dominance, and he made the best use of the same. He maintained a calm demeanor, but his words were far from polite. From calling McIntyre a ‘secondary Superstar’ to referring to the WWE Champion as a ‘backup on the roster’, Reigns did not hold back from proving his superiority in the war of words.

The creative did well in booking this entire segment that established Reigns as the best heel in WWE and the whole business. Reigns would eventually win his match against McIntyre with an interference from Jey Uso. It would be fair to say that this promo turned out to be one of the defining moments in Reigns’ current as a heel, and its subtlety deserves a lot more credit.

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