5 Former WWE Superstars who were released before their debut

Whilst there are several WWE Superstars on the company’s current roster who have been contracted for more than a decade, not every wrestler is that lucky. The developmental process is one of the hardest parts of many Superstars’ careers and even if they are able to make it to the main roster, the company can decide to cut them at any moment.

The wrestling business is one where Superstars are constantly forced to fight for their place and sometimes WWE doesn’t even give their talent a chance to perform before they are released from their contracts.

Whilst this choice is often taken away from Superstars by WWE management, there are several cases when a wrestler has decided that this isn’t the career path for them and has requested their release themselves. This has been seen several times on the main roster in recent years, but this is also something that regularly happens in developmental as well.

The following list of Superstars were once signed to WWE and even had their ring names prepared for their debuts, but were then released from the company before they were ever able to wrestle a live match under the WWE banner.

#5. Former WWE Superstar Sarah Backman

Sarah Backman was signed to WWE back in March 2013 and was known to have a background in arm wrestling. The eight-time World Arm Wrestling Champion was signed to a developmental contract with NXT, but never made an appearance for the brand.

The following year it was revealed that Backman had been given the ring name Shara and it appeared that there were plans for her future with the company before she requested her release just two months later.

Backman did however meet her future husband whilst working in WWE, current Superstar Bo Dallas. The couple met whilst part of developmental together and went on to marry just two months after Backman’s WWE release. Sadly, it was revealed late last year that the couple’s marriage had taken a huge hit and they had opted to file for divorce in late 2019.

The former arm-wrestling champion has since walked away from the wrestling business altogether and is now working as a real- estate broker.

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