5 ways Roman Reigns’ alliance with Paul Heyman could end

Paul Heyman’s alliance with Roman Reigns was the initial catalyst for the current WWE Universal Champion’s heel turn. Together, they have changed the entire face of WWE SmackDown. With Heyman by his side, this entirely new version of Reigns has been unstoppable.

As entertaining as Heyman’s work with “The Tribal Chief” has been, all good things must come to an end. At some point, WWE will pull the plug on this partnership one way or another. Here’s a look at five ways the Roman Reigns-Paul Heyman alliance could end.

#5. The return of Brock Lesnar and a face turn for Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar have a lot of history.
Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar have a lot of history.

While this direction may not be the most ideal solution, the dynamic would be interesting to say the least. A few years ago, WWE made it no secret that it was desperate to build Roman Reigns into its next top star. But the company delayed his coronation at WWE WrestleMania 31, as Vince McMahon bided his time and waited for the right moment.

And then WrestleMania 34 happened. Brock Lesnar was coming off a successful year as the WWE Universal Champion, and it seemed certain that in the main event of WrestleMania, Reigns would finally defeat “The Beast Incarnate.”

Instead, Reigns lost at the “Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment.” The rivals had another cage match that ended controversially, but Reigns finally earned a win over Lesnar later in 2018.

Now, Reigns is working with Heyman, Lesnar’s former advocate. “The Head of the Table” doesn’t need him as much as Lesnar does, but the timing of Lesnar’s absence worked out perfectly for “The Tribal Chief.”

If Lesnar returns to WWE, he’ll probably reunite with Heyman. There is always the possibility that “The Beast Incarnate” will be on WWE RAW, and his advocate will simply pull double duty. That approach might be the simpler way to go.

But WWE has a (potentially) good story on its hands. Heyman could turn on Roman Reigns, allowing “The Big Dog” to become a babyface in the process. This time, fans could see a more refined face character for Reigns. In that case, WWE could deliver the final chapter of Reigns’ memorable rivalry with Lesnar.

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