It’s your first step towards Roman Reigns,” says Paul Heyman to WWE SmackDown star

Paul Heyman has predicted that a WWE SmackDown Superstar is on his way to face Roman Reigns. Heyman, the current “Special Counsel” of the Universal Champion, told Big E that he has the ability to feud with The Tribal Chief in the future after winning the Universal title on this past week’s SmackDown.

Big E became a two-time Intercontinental Champion on SmackDown after defeating Sami Zayn. The New Day member first won the title for the first time in 2013 when he defeated Curtis Axel.

In his recent appearance on Talking Smack, Big E was told by Paul Heyman that this was his “first step towards Roman Reigns” and the Universal Championship.

“Here’s how I see it: You just said it was your first step. Yes, I agree. The first step towards what? I know what the answer is: It’s your first step towards Roman Reigns. It’s your first step towards the Universal Championship. It’s your first step towards being the absolute, number one, box office attraction, the top champion of WWE today… My God, what a first step,” said Paul Heyman. (H/T WrestlingInc)

Paul Heyman had praised Big E on a previous episode of Talking Smack and predicted big things for the SmackDown Superstar.

Paul Heyman tells SmackDown star Big E that he’s going to “love being a singles champion”

Big E won the Intercontinental title on SmackDown
Big E won the Intercontinental title on SmackDown

Continuing his praise of the new Intercontinental Champion, Paul Heyman stated that Big E is going to enjoy being a singles champion, having predominantly been a tag team star over the last few years. He predicts that Big E will eventually set his sights towards the Universal Championship.

“I told you Sami Zayn was a great step for you. And what did you do? You mowed him down, and you took the Intercontinental title away from Sami Zayn. And now, you’re going to learn, in your heart, just how much you love being a singles champion. And then you’re going to fall in love with it all over again to the point that you’re going to say, ‘That Intercontinental title is beautiful, wonderful. But it’s not the Universal title,'” said Heyman.

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