Kane explains why he was in his ring gear at Undertaker’s farewell, says that was the original plan

Kane has explained why he was in his ring gear at Undertaker’s farewell, unlike the rest of the legends at the show. He said that despite the various incarnations of Kane, “Kane is Kane”.

Kane was one of the many legends that appeared at Survivor Series to pay respect to T he Undertaker. The likes of The Godfather, Ric Flair, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, JBL, and Rikishi, were some of the many legends to appear at The Undertaker’s farewell last month.

While speaking to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Kane responded to fans who were surprised that he appeared in his full ring gear at the show.

“I was supposed to [be in ring gear]. Yeah, here’s the thing: Kane is Kane and despite different incarnations and all that, that was the reason for that because Kane and Undertaker I think, you know, pulled back the veil somewhat and sometimes we forget that. But that’s kind of what separates them I think from a lot of the other formers is the fact that they’re truly characters and I know people speculated [but] that was the plan all along so, some of those things I think sometimes people [begin] speculating and outthink themselves a little too much into it,” said Kane. (H/T Post Wrestling)


Kane also spoke about the entire event and the backstage atmosphere at Survivor Series. He said that everything was well done and that “there weren’t many dry eyes” backstage at the pay-per-view.

Kane and the rest of the legends at Survivor Series 2020

The WWE legends at Undertaker
The WWE legends at Undertaker’s farewell

Kane was one of many legends to feature in The Undertaker’s farewell ceremony. Before WWE Chairman Vince McMahon took to the stage to introduce The Undertaker for one last time, the legends came out to the ring.

McMahon then followed suit and spoke about The Undertaker’s impact in WWE. The Phenom then made his appearance, spoke briefly, before invoking Paul Bearer, whose visual appeared digitally on the screen. There was no interaction on-screen between the legends and The Undertaker, but it seems that they had a gala time backstage, as per various anecdotes.

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