SmackDown Results: New Champion crowned; Daniel Bryan gets revenge on top heel

SmackDown’s Christmas Special kicked off with the Steel Cage match for the Universal Championship between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens, less than a week after their devastating TLC match.

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Kevin Owens – Steel Cage match on SmackDown for the Universal Championship

Roman had the early advantage and hit a big boot for a near fall before sending Owens into the walls of the steel cage. Reigns got another near fall off a Samoan Drop before Owens countered a Superman Punch and landed a DDT.

Owens came back with a senton before unloading on Reigns in the corner. Owens hit a cannonball but Reigns managed to counter the following pop-up powerbomb with a leg drop.

After a break, Roman was back in control but Kevin Owens hit a huge top rope Fisherman Buster for a near fall. Reigns dodged the stunner and got a Superman Punch in before continuing to punish Owens. KO countered a spear with a kick to the face, before dropping Reigns with a stunner.

Back from a break, Owens tried to escape the cage but Reigns brought him down. A superkick on the ropes stunned Roman, but he countered a senton by putting his knees up. Roman tried to escape the ring through the door but Owens slammed it in his face on SmackDown.

Owens tried the same but this time Jey Uso shut the cage before handcuffing KO to the side of the cage. Owens still managed to dangle his feet out of the cage before Roman noticed what was happening. Roman casually walked out of the caged and stood on the steps before slowly walking to the floor and retaining his title on SmackDown.

Result: Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens to retain the Universal Championship

Match rating: A+

Asuka and Charlotte were set to put the women’s tag titles up next on SmackDown.

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