WWE RAW after Survivor Series Preview: Drew McIntyre’s next challenger, 12-time world champion to return

After a decent Survivor Series pay-per-view, we are all set for this first episode of WWE RAW that immediately follows the event. Given that the Red brand picked a dominant win over SmackDown, the entire roster is expected to be in great spirits tonight. However, now that the war between the two brands is over, we are bound to see new feuds and friendships develop over the next few weeks.

A loss for some of the top champions from WWE RAW is bound to trigger more Superstars into challenging them on the Red brand. Between the new rivalries and expected returns, the show looks promising tonight.

In this article, we will take a look at things that can happen on WWE RAW this week. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#5 Drew McIntyre finds his next challenger on WWE RAW

Drew McIntyre looked surreal in this match
Drew McIntyre looked surreal in this match

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre locked horns with Universal Champion Roman Reigns in an epic main event of Survivor Series 2020. Even though Reigns who won this match, McIntyre ended up winning everyone’s respect. The WWE RAW Superstar was by no means less than his opponent and the two dominant forces are expected to lock horns once again in the future.

Now that Survivor Series is over, McIntyre might find his next title challenger on WWE RAW tonight. The Red brand’s roster is stacked, and McIntyre has proved that he can deliver great feuds even with the most unexpected opponents. Thus, we might see a few promising names that can step up to challenge McIntyre for his WWE Championship.

There are several Superstars, including the likes of AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, and Keith Lee, who can face McIntyre next. AJ Styles can probably use the fact that he led WWE RAW to a clean sweep over SmackDown at Survivor Series and earned a point for the Red brand, something that McIntyre couldn’t do. Even if Styles doesn’t win the title by the end of this feud, the storyline will serve its purpose and McIntyre will look stronger than ever.

Drew McIntyre is on a brilliant run on the Red brand, and a couple of exciting feuds will help put a great end to his fantastic year. He has been a dedicated performer and has evidently given his best to each one of his rivalries so far. Thus, he deserves to be a part of good story-telling on WWE RAW. Of course, there’s a looming threat from Miz, but we will discuss that in detail later in this article.

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