5 WWE RAW and SmackDown alliances that could split up very soon indeed

Nothing in the world lasts forever, and this is especially true on WWE RAW and SmackDown where alliances are made and subsequently ended in a matter of months.

There are so many teams on WWE RAW right now, that could come to an end in the blink of an eye. From them could be born new feuds and conflicts that could take the WWE landscape by storm, soon after.

The same holds true for SmackDown. However, the cracks and fissures are a little more difficult to see when it comes to the blue brand.

So, with that said here are five teams that could split up on WWE RAW and SmackDown in the days to follow.

#5 Could Sheamus turn on Drew McIntyre on WWE RAW, kicking off a feud for the title?

It is not often that Vince McMahon breaks new ground, but he’s certainly doing so on WWE RAW by having a man who’s been a heel for a long time, in Sheamus be portrayed as Drew McIntyre’s best friend. This stems from their history and as cool as it is to see that the two men are on the same page, we know that it’s only a matter of time before Sheamus snaps. In fact, do not be surprised if this happens on the Legend’s Night WWE RAW special, with a lot more people watching.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre have already come to blows on WWE RAW, but they have been showcased as two brothers who fight and then make up.

The storyline is in place for Sheamus to turn on the WWE Champion and embark on a massive program that stretches out for many weeks. Sheamus will certainly be elevated as a result of this program, and Drew McIntyre will finally have a storyline with a long build.

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