Daniel Bryan reacts to AEW’s Brodie Lee tribute

AEW had a special episode of Dynamite tonight, in honor of the late Brodie Lee. Numerous WWE Superstars, including Daniel Bryan, shared their reactions to the tribute.

Daniel Bryan took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the special episode of AEW Dynamite. Bryan revealed that he was very emotional throughout the event, and he thanked AEW for honoring Brodie Lee in the way that they did.

Daniel Bryan commented on how beautiful the tribute was, which featured a tribute video, matches, and honors for Brodie Lee and his family. Brodie Lee’s son was even made AEW TNT Champion for life come the end of the show. Bryan ended the post by saying ‘I love you Brodie and we will all miss you’.

It is great to see so much support coming in for Brodie Lee, even from outside of AEW. Numerous stars have also shared their reactions to the AEW Brodie Lee tribute via Twitter. You can read what they had to say here. It is a testament to the impact Brodie Lee had on the wrestling community, and how there are no boundaries when it comes to supporting one another.

Daniel Bryan worked with Brodie Lee in WWE

Daniel Bryan has worked with Brodie Lee, back when he was Luke Harper in WWE
Daniel Bryan has worked with Brodie Lee, back when he was Luke Harper in WWE

Daniel Bryan has worked with Brodie Lee in WWE. Back when Brodie Lee was the estranged member of The Wyatt Family, he had a number of matches with Daniel Bryan. The two even teamed up back when Bryan joined The Wyatt Family. However, this was a short-lived stint, as Bryan would later betray the family and return to his previous role as leader of the ‘Yes Movement’.

Over the past couple of days, we have seen how much support Brodie Lee and his family have garnered. Like Daniel Bryan, many wrestlers and fans from all across the globe have united in honoring his family. He will be fondly remembered as one of the greatest personalities both inside and outside the ring.

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