“I was getting him in more trouble and then they ended up firing him” – Booker T on what he said that got a WWE star fired

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has revealed that he got a WWE star fired after he told him to dress in the TV locker room. Booker T didn’t reveal the name of the Superstar, but said that the wrestler lasted in the company for just one year.

Booker T was in WWE between 2001 and 2007, before having a brief run in TNA. He then returned to WWE in 2011 and featured as a commentator and an occasional wrestler.

While speaking to Chris van Vliet, Booker T opened up about the time a wrestler was “hanging out” in the TV locker room, when he should not have been there. The Hall of Famer said that this brought a lot of heat on the wrestler, who was eventually let go by WWE.

“I got invited into the TV locker room. I didn’t just go and dress in the TV locker room. I remember a guy, not too long ago, a couple years back and I’m not gonna say his name. But he lasted in WWE about a year or so. You’ll be able to figure it out, and he was in the TV locker room and I’m wondering in my mind, ‘What the hell is he doing in the TV locker room?’ He’s hanging out in there with us, he’s kicking it and whatnot and I told him — he was talking to me about the guys in the other locker room and I was like, ‘Man, forget those guys man. Dress over here man. I mean, who are those guys to tell you where to dress?’ And all I was doing was stirring the pot. He didn’t know I was getting him in more trouble and then they ended up firing his a*s and you know what He didn’t know why he got fired,” said Booker T. (H/T Post Wrestling)


Booker T sad that the wrestler in question didn’t know that he was getting heat or why he got fired.

Booker T on Sting and his AEW debut

Sting in AEW
Sting in AEW

In the same interview, Booker T spoke about Sting, who recently made the switch to AEW. He said that for some wrestlers, it is tough to let go and call it quits. The Hall of Famer said that Sting may want to end his career on his terms, which could be the reason why he joined AEW.

Booker T also said that Sting’s decision to not join WWE because of how he was treated when he first joined the company, was an “unwise” decision.

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