“I was really intimidated,” says Hall of Famer about Vince McMahon

A four-time WWE Tag Team champion has said that he was intimidated when talking to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Sean Waltman, AKA X-Pac, recently spoke about how there was a power dynamic whenever he spoke to McMahon.

Waltman has had a few stints with WWE, with his first stint in the company beginning way back in 1993. He has wrestled in promotions like WCW, TNA, and other promotions in independent wrestling.

While speaking on his X-PAC 12360 podcast, Waltman stated that he was “really intimidated” by Vince McMahon at one point in his life, and that he told McMahon about it.

“It definitely took for me to leave and make my own way somewhere else to get Vince [McMahon] to look at me in the light that I so desperately wanted, and I really did and the thing is — I had a good relationship with Vince. He was always open, willing to talk to me, but I was really intimidated, at one point for quite a long time, you know? You would have it all worked out in your head like, ‘Okay, this is what I’m gonna do when I get in there’ and once you get in there, all that sh*t’s out the f*cking window, and I even told him one time, I’m like, ‘I come in here and once I get in here, there’s this power dynamic thing.’ So part of it [getting over that dynamic] was me telling him that, and part of it was just practice,” said X-Pac about Vince McMahon. (H/T Post Wrestling)

Vince McMahon with D-Generation X
Vince McMahon with D-Generation X

He said that he often went to Vince McMaon to lobby for something, but he still feels that the power dynamic exists between him and the WWE Chairman.

X-Pac on WCW banning his move; how Vince McMahon benefitted

On the same podcast, X-Pac said that WCW banned his Bronco Buster move as they felt that it was “lewd and lascivious”.

He said that Vince McMahon was putting out a product that was edgy by the time he returned to the company in 1998.

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