WWE TLC 2020: Results, Orton kills The Fiend, full recap and analysis

WWE TLC was a wild show. It featured several solid matches, and two exceptional world championship bouts. But the main event, the Firefly Inferno, was peak cringe WWE — and featured Randy Orton apparently burning The Fiend to death.

Still, for as dumb as the main event was, TLC was still a great show. Nothing was was bad until the main event, and the two world title matches — in which both Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns retained — were must-see good.

Below are the full results from WWE TLC 2020.

Randy Orton lights The Fiend on fire

After a night of wrestling far better than anyone expected, we got a main event that was just about as bad as everyone expected. In a Firefly Inferno match, in which the goal was to light a part of your opponent’s body on fire, Randy Orton lit “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt’s jacket on fire, winning a very bad match.

Then, after the match, he poured gasoline all over The Fiend’s unconscious body and then lit him on fire. Cool

The match was so bad. A few minutes in, The Fiend raised his arms to summon flames — leading to fire to shoot out of flamethrowers around the ring. There was no drama, since The Fiend no sells most things. It was mostly just brawling with exchanges of some signature moves.

Most of it meant nothing. Some people may have enjoyed this, and many people will surely get a tickle out of the preposterous visual of Orton RKOing a guy literally on fire. But it’s just too silly. The show ended with what we’re meant to believe is The Fiend’s corpse roasting in the middle of the ring, yet I’m not convinced it will mean a single thing. In a perfect world it’d be the end of the character. I suspect we’ll see him on Raw or, if WWE shows an uncharateristic amount of restraint, at the Royal Rumble.

Rating: 0 stars. Dumb. You’ve seen the gifs above, now you can skip the match.

Roman Reigns beats Kevin Owens to retain Universal Title

Even better than the excellent open, this was so fun from beginning to end. Outstanding wrestling, outstanding drama, this was the best match of Reigns’ title reigns so far, and easily one of the best WWE matches of the year.

Reigns won the match, but Kevin Owens was the star. He did such a great job of being the scrappy, plucky babyface — and it worked so well because Reigns was such a giving top heel. The booking is such that the odds of Owens winning were tiny, yet I believed multiple times that it would happen.

It started with Owens attacking Reigns as Reigns was posing in the ring during his entrance. Owens took out Reigns, but was quickly attacked by Jey Uso. Thus began the story of the bout: It was Owens against Reigns and Uso at basically every turn. Owens crushed Uso’s ankle with a chair, and later powerbombed him through a table. But each time Owens had victory in grasp, Uso would return to take it away.

The pacing was great, as Uso was out for just the right amount of time for optimal drama. The match escalated well, and was absolutely captivating by the time Reigns and Owens traded big moves at the tail-end. So many great spots, like when Owens baited Reigns to spear him, resulting in Reigns crashing spectacularly through the baricade, plus a great series of counters that ended with Owens pop-up powerbombing Reigns through the table.

Following that powerbomb, it looked like Owens could really win — but then Uso appeared for the distraction. After a stunner to Uso from Owens, Owens scaled the ladder once more. There, when victory was once again in grasp, Reigns appeared and choked him out with a guillotine atop the ladder.

Rating: 5 stars. I have serious doubts that WWE will follow through with the momentum this performance gave Owens, and you could argue that Owens looked like a loser babyface as two heels double teamed him and no one came out in his defense. But I wouldn’t change a thing about this match — I loved it.

Charlotte and Asuka win Women’s Tag Team Titles

The bout starts off with a nice surprise: Asuka’s mystery parter is a returning Charlotte Flair. After a simple match, Charlotte pinned Shayna Baszler following a natural selection.

Not a lot to say about the match itself. Asuka started, with Flair coming in to briefly take on Nia Jax before tagging out. Then much of the bout was Jax and Baszler getting heat on Asuka, building to a hot tag for Charlotte. Charlotte got that hot tag indeed, clearing house and taking down Jax with a big boot.

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