5 Accidental botches that ended WWE careers

WWE Superstars are aware of the business that they have trained to be part of. This means that when injuries occur, more often than not, they are prepared for the fallout.

There are only a small amount of wrestlers in the world who have never been injured in the ring since this is something that comes with being part of the industry. Whilst many injuries are easy to overcome with rehab or surgery, there are others that Superstars are unable to come back from.

The following list looks at just five botches that have ended WWE careers over the past few years, and several of these were interestingly performed by some of the company’s biggest Superstars.

#5 Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins performs a Buckle Bomb on Sting


Whilst Sting recently made his way over to AEW and is now a contracted talent for their brand, there was a time when The Icon was regularly appearing on WWE’s main roster.

Back in 2015, after just a handful of WWE matches, Sting was given the chance to challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. At Night of Champions, Rollins pulled off double duty and took on Sting in the main event, where he delivered a Buckle Bomb to The Icon. However, the move was botched and Sting suffered a severe neck injury.

It marked the end of Sting’s in-ring career with WWE after less than a year since the former WCW star only made his debut at Survivor Series in 2014. It was revealed that Sting’s injury meant that he was unable to push for his “dream match” against The Undertaker and was later added to the WWE Hall of Fame. Throughout the time, Sting refused to retire from the ring since he continued to hold out hope that he would be able to wrestle The Deadman one day.

Sting has since moved over to AEW, but the injury is still obviously an issue for the former WWE star since his contract includes matches but it appears that he may only be able to compete in cinematic style bouts.

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