5 Current-day WWE RAW and SmackDown Superstars who could become great managers someday

Over the course of the years in WWE, we have seen several WWE stars that earned their stripes in the ring return to the squared circle once again, for a managerial stint.

Whether it was Bob Backlund’s short-lived alliance with Darren Young or even Sherri Martel’s alliance with Shawn Michaels, a lot of WWE legends have found that they have a lot to offer the business once their wrestling days are winding down.

Certainly, a lot of AEW stars have benefited from the wisdom and star power that the likes of Tully Blanchard, Jake Roberts, and Arn Anderson have provided them.

Are there current WWE Superstars who may assume such a role in the future, one has to wonder? We pick five names from the current WWE roster and invite you to do the same as well.

#5 The most despised WWE heel right now- King Corbin

Whether it’s his smarmy demeanor or impeccable mic skills or even his sheer heel presence, King Corbin has all the components that it takes to be a WWE manager. The only thing that may work against him, the only reason why he is so very low on this list, the only thing that can be a hindrance in his path is that he is a towering man. He may just overshadow the WWE talent that he is managing.

That aside, King Corbin has all of the ingredients required to be a manager in the WWE roster, because anyone he manages will become a top heel by default.

One has to believe that King Corbin could certainly become the mouthpiece for someone like Lars Sullivan, who is not a naturally gifted promo. One has to wonder if WWE could align these two men in the near future.

If you caught the final segment of WWE RAW this past week, you’re almost guaranteed to have become a fan of Alexa Bliss and her excellent acting chops. Alexa Bliss can cut a promo like few others on WWE RAW or SmackDown and coupled with her expressive nature, she can definitely become a great manager at some point.

While Alexa Bliss certainly is no slouch in the ring, fans are aware that her greatest gift is as a personality, and anyone that she pairs up with, in due time will benefit. In fact, one has to believe that even in her current supernatural WWE RAW avatar, she could be a great ally for a female Superstar that struggles on the microphone.

But then again, Alexa Bliss can always revert to the ‘Goddess’ gimmick and channel that persona into a managerial role as well.

Whatever this talented, young WWE XRAW Superstar chooses to do, it’s likely that she will be excellent at it, long after her wrestling days are over.

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