5 Theories why Seth Rollins’ WWE return was canceled

Many WWE fans were left disappointed last night when former World Champion Seth Rollins didn’t make his return to SmackDown. The Messiah was last seen at Survivor Series when he sacrificed himself for “the greater good” and basically cost Team SmackDown their match.

Rollins and his fiance Becky Lynch announced the arrival of their daughter Roux just over a week later and the former Champion has since been enjoying his first Christmas as a father.

Last week on SmackDown, it was announced that Rollins would be making his return to the company as part of The New Year’s Day episode of the show, but days before the show, the return was seemingly scrapped.

Is there a reason why Seth Rollins didn’t make his return this week on SmackDown and do WWE have much bigger plans for the return of the former World Champion?

#5 WWE on FOX shared the news before it was official

The WWE on FOX account appeared to be the only source for the return of Seth Rollins and after the Twitter account deleted the Tweet a few days ago, it was made clear that it was no longer going to happen.

It’s likely that with all the last-minute writing on SmackDown over the past few weeks that the return of Seth Rollins was a plan that the company pitched last week and FOX then Tweeted it out before it was official.

This has happened several times over the past few weeks with matches and segments that were set to be part of episodes of both Raw and SmackDown but the company decided to scrap them at the last minute. It appears that everything in WWE is now subject to change and this could have been another plan that was scrapped in favor of something else.

At present all eyes are on Big E and Roman Reigns in their current feuds so it’s likely that WWE wanted to wait for a much bigger occasion to bring back someone of Rollins’ caliber and decided to scrap the plan before it was ever properly made official. Rollins has only been away from WWE TV for just over a month, it’s easy to imagine that he wants some more time with his daughter.

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