Mickie James comments on receiving an “F” grade as a WWE Superstar

Mickie James recently responded to a fan who criticized James’ ranking on Ryan Satin’s WWE Tier List for WWE S mackDown. James was placed in the lowest category as an “F.” In this grouping, she ranks alongside Mojo Rawley and Kalisto.

Mickie James took to Twitter herself and responded to her place on the Tier List. She used her personal Twitter page to make her feelings clear.

In the post, James jokingly commented that she has only failed in the subject of trigonometry. She also said that whoever made the list should contact her agent. She put a laughing emoji, which either suggests that she was joking or that she found her “F” ranking to be comical.

WWE on FOX’s Twitter account also mentioned that FOX Sports Analyst Ryan Satin made the aforementioned list. To this tweet, Mickie James made a witty reply and also promoted her appearance on this upcoming week’s WWE RAW Legends Night.

Mickie James demands respect as a WWE Legend

Mickie James in WWE
Mickie James in WWE

In a reply to the WWE on Fox Twitter page, James elaborated on her response to her ranking. She made it clear that she’s a WWE Legend, and she wants to be treated like one. The detailed explanations behind each and every tier pick in Ryan Satin’s list can be read here. There’s a reason James was given an “F,” and it’s not her fault.

James will return to WWE programming on WWE RAW Legends Night. The last time WWE hosted a show that featured several icons from the past was the RAW Reunion episode on July 22, 2019. Mickie James has teased to that she’ll do something “legendary” when she comes back to WWE RAW. Fans will have to wait and see what she’s planning.

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