Top 5 cliffhanger endings in WWE history

WWE is a global juggernaut that thrives on ratings and audience investment. To sustain the fan interest from one episode to the next one is of paramount importance to the creative team. Just like how a cliffhanger ending that keeps the fans talking is a hallmark of any good TV show, WWE has also produced several cliffhangers to end their weekly episodes and pay-per-views.

The late ’90s and the early 2000s, especially the Attitude Era, had countless moments that ensured people stuck with the product instead of tuning in to the rival’s product. While those kinds of cliffhanger endings are a rarity in the modern WWE landscape, the recently concluded episode of RAW, in which Randy Orton seemingly set Alexa Bliss on fire, has gotten the fans talking.

On that note, let’s recount some of the most memorable cliffhanger endings in the company’s rich history that got the fans excited about what’s to come. These endings didn’t only keep the viewers invested for a week but have become a part of wrestling lore and are widely discussed to this date.

#5 Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn assault Daniel Bryan upon his return announcement (WWE SmackDown)

Announcing his return to in-ring action after almost three years, Daniel Bryan’s promo on the 20th March 2018 episode of WWE SmackDown was one for the ages. An emotional moment for him and legions of his fans, he spoke straight from the heart that night. However, what happened later stunned the WWE universe.

Making their way to the ring, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens first congratulated Bryan by hugging him and terming him as their ‘biggest supporter’. They even pitched for the former five-time WWE Champion to join them and form a ‘dream team.

But Bryan was in no mood to accept this offer and berated them for their attack on Shane McMahon. He would go on to fire the two for their actions, with the crowd wildly cheering him.


Though KO and Zayn pretended to leave the ring, they would soon unleash a brutal assault on the then WWE SmackDown GM. While The Yes Man did make a minor comeback with a flurry of ‘Yes Kicks’ to Owens, Zayn soon blindsided him.

The powerbomb on the ring apron was painful to look at, and it left the fans stunned and wondering if this attack would allow Bryan to make the return he promised a few moments ago.

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