WWE 2020: 5 Interesting year-end statistics (John Cena and Triple H set new career records)

There were several memorable moments for WWE in 2020, but plenty of headlines focused on the company’s attempt to work around COVID-19. Still, there are several WWE stars had a year worth remembering.

Bayley and Sasha Banks have been the highlights of SmackDown in recent months and Roman Reigns has dominated the company since his return. But they are not the only stars who have stood out. Several statistics from the past 12 months show that even a few absent WWE stars have made this year count.

The following list looks at just five of the most impressive statistics coming out of 2020 for some surprising WWE Superstars.

#5. Triple H hasn’t competed for WWE for a whole year

In 2020, Triple H celebrated 25 years with WWE, but he was forced to do it in an empty arena due to the pandemic. “The Game” has made several WWE appearances this year, but the 14-time world champion didn’t perform at WrestleMania last year.

Triple H’s last WWE match came back in June 2019, when he traveled to Saudi Arabia and defeated Randy Orton. Interestingly, “The Viper” later went on to tie Triple H’s number of world championship reigns.

2020 will be a memorable one in Triple H’s career because it was the first time that “The Cerebral Assassin” went an entire calendar year without competing in a single match.


The “Godfather of NXT” could be beginning his transition into a full-time role backstage. There has been talk of retirement matches for “The Game” in recent months, so his final in-ring contest could be right around the corner.

Triple H has been at the forefront of the company for more than two decades, and it could now be time for “The King of Kings” to think about who he wants to face in his final WWE match. Could WrestleMania 37 be the perfect location for Triple H to announce his retirement and pass the torch on to a rising star? Only time will tell.

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