CM Punk takes shot at WWE legend for calling Shawn Michaels the ”greatest worker in the history of the business”

Asuka has been revealed as the wrestler who competed in the most matches in WWE in 2020, with 64 total matches.

In a recent list unveiled on Cageside Seats (originally compiled by reddit user omgitzjay28), The Empress of Tomorrow found herself atop the pile of wrestlers with the most matches under their belt during the period from January 1st 2020 to December 31st 2020.

In what was one of the most interesting and unique years in WWE history, Asuka has proven herself to still be the reliable workhorse that many fans and critics have found her to be over the course of her WWE career.

However, these figures do not paint a full picture, especially when compared to previous years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE Live events were completely scrapped in 2020, which is where many of the names that appear on such lists would have been able to build their numbers.

For example, in 2019, former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston amassed an impressive 140 matches – over double the number which Asuka would compete in the following year.

Asuka also had an impressive number of victories in 2020

Asuka and Charlotte Flair
Asuka and Charlotte Flair

As well as wrestling the most number of matches, Asuka’s name also appeared close to the top of another list: Superstars with the most victories in 2020.

The Japenese sensation would only be outdone in the wins department by none other than the current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, who stole this particular title with a very respectable 47 victories. Asuka would come in second place with 36 victories.

Keith Lee, who is a relative newcomer to the main rster in WWE, but who spent a lot of time honing his craft in NXT, would come in third place with 34 total wins inside the squared circle.

Asuka recently joined forces with a returning Charlotte Flair, picking up the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships at WWE TLC. 2021 is certainly looking bright for both stars.

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