The Rock reacts to IMPACT star Chris Bey’s impression of him

The Rock recently shared his reaction to a hilarious impression of him, performed by IMPACT star Chris Bey. Bey shared his rendition of The Rock attending an early workout via Twitter.

The Rock, or known nowadays as Dwayne Johnson, is an actor and former WWE Superstar. He is infamous for his athletic ability and charisma, and has taken his skills to Hollywood, where he has acted in multiple box office movies such as Fast & Furious and Jumanji. He is also an eight-time WWE Champion.

The Rock recently shared his reaction via Twitter to IMPACT Superstar Chris Bey’s hilarious impression of the People’s Champ. Bey filmed himself at 5:00 AM while getting ready for a bit of cardio in the Iron Paradise.

“It’s 5:00 AM in the Iron Paradise, and we are going to get this workout in. Cardio is a must!” said Chris Bey.

However, despite Chris Bey’s spot-on impression of him, The Rock would correct the IMPACT star. Bey forgot that The Brahma Bull starts his cardio at 4 AM and not 5 AM. Hopefully, Chris Bey will get it right next time.

What is next for The Rock in the WWE?

The Rock may be back in the WWE sooner than you think.
The Rock may be back in the WWE sooner than you think.

The Rock always keeps himself busy with a variety of projects. Be it his collaborations with Under Armor, his up and coming tequila brand Teremana, or the plethora of movies he has coming out. It always seems as if he is on a tight schedule. Despite all this, Rocky still maintains close ties with the WWE.

Right now, The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson is working in WWE’s Performance Center and is looking like a future star. Away from that, The Rock’s cousin Roman Reigns has been tearing it up on SmackDown. In fact, there have been rumors of a potential WrestleMania match between The Big Dog and The Great One.

However, there is still much The Rock has to do before anything can be set in stone. That being said, the WWE Universe can’t help but imagine what a bout between two of the biggest members of the Anoa’i family would be like.

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