Maybe we can get Britney at some point” – WWE was hoping for Britney Spears’ involvement after John Cena’s angle with Kevin Federline according to WWE

Bruce Prichard recently discussed the January 1, 2007 episode of WWE RAW on his podcast, Something To Wrestle. This particular episode of RAW was headlined by John Cena taking on Kevin Federline. Prichard revealed how WWE was hoping for a future appearance from Britney Spears when Kevin Federline first appeared in the company a few months previously.

Bruce Prichard is currently a senior vice-president in WWE and the Executive Director of RAW and SmackDown.

At the time Kevin Federline made his first WWE appearance, he was looking to promote his album Playing With Fire. On a recent episode of his podcast, Bruce Prichard revealed how WWE was hoping to get a future appearance from Britney Spears if Kevin Federline had a positive experience in WWE:

K-Fed obviously was looking for any kind of promotion that he could get in a positive light and we are always looking for any kind of interaction that we can get with people that are popular at the time. K-Fed fit both of those. Britney (Spears) was never discussed. Britney was not discussed up front. I think there was a general feeling amongst those in creative that if we are good with Kevin and he likes it and it does positive things for him, then this is a great opportunity for maybe Britney to show up at an event. Down the line maybe get Britney involved in something. There was that half that said maybe we can get Britney at some point along the way, even if it was a quick appearance on television. H/T:

Britney Spears filed for divorce less than a month after Kevin Federline’s WWE debut on the October 16, 2006 episode of RAW.

Kevin Federline in WWE

Bruce Prichard went on to talk about how good Kevin Federline’s attitude was backstage when he was in WWE. Prichard said that Federline was a nice guy and that he ‘couldn’t have been more respectful’.

Federline ended up facing John Cena in a singles match on the January 1, 2007 episode of RAW. Federline ended up pinning Cena and beating him after interference from Umaga.

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