Jerry Lawler’s WWE contract reportedly expires this week

Jerry Lawler’s WWE contract is set to expire in the following days, according to reports.

A recent article released by TheSportster states The King revealed in a 2019 episode of ‘Dinner with The King’ – a podcast series fronted by Lawler – that his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment was set to expire at the start of January 2021.

Specifically, if things still stand the way they did then, the contract is due to expire on January 8th, in four days.

As there have been no official announcements regarding the resigning of Jerry Lawler, it is understandable to assume that he is yet to sign his name on the dotted line with WWE once again.

Having said that, there have been many instances in the past where big names in professional wrestling – including commentators and backstage interviewers – have not announced whether or not they have resigned with a particular company. Meaning the status of Jerry Lawler’s contract with WWE is pure speculation at this point.

Jerry Lawler has not been seen on WWE commentary during the pandemic

Will Jerry Lawler return to WWE?
Will Jerry Lawler return to WWE?

Jerry Lawler was last seen on WWE commentary back in April, before being replaced by Samoa Joe towards the end of the month.

Samoa Joe has since been relishing the role, proving that he is a powerhouse both in the ring and behind the microphone on commentary. The Samoan Submission Machine took up the gig after sustaining a reportedly serious head injury during a television commercial shoot back in February, and has found himself calling the action at ringside for WWE RAW ever since.

Naturally, since the news about Lawler’s WWE contract was revealed, there has been some speculation as to what the future holds for the WWE Hall of Famer.

Having celebrated a staggering 50 years in the wrestling business back in September, it’s safe to say The King is the most experienced member of the WWE commentary team and one of the most experienced people in the company as a whole.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any Jerry Lawler announcements in the coming days.

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