The Mountie recalls training Kevin Owens – “What a great athlete!” [Exclusive]

On the latest edition of SK Wrestling’s Inside SKoop with Dr. Chris Featherstone, former WWE superstar Jacques Rougeau, AKA The Mountie, discussed Kevin Owens attending his wrestling school.

Kevin Owens always impresses the WWE universe any time he steps foot in a WWE ring. But as it turns out, he was quite an impressive student of wrestling as well, with The Mountie having nothing but positive words for KO:

“Kevin Owens. What a great athlete! He came to my school, and it was fun because it was a time when I was practicing my family-orientated shows. So I based my shows on mostly skills, mostly timing and good workers. In those days, the great workers, you could recognise them by saying “This guy could go in there and work with a broom!” And Kevin Owens was really good. When he came, I started him from scratch. I showed him how to get a headlock tight. I showed him how to do an interview. All the interviews he did after that, it was really things that we practiced.”

Kevin Owens is particularly impressive whenever he gets his hands on the microphone, and it seems this skill may have been perfected during his time at The Mountie’s wrestling school in Montreal.

Kevin Owens was a fast learner in wrestling school

The Mountie was also quick to praise the speed at which Kevin Owens was able to learn his chosen craft:

“It was fun because Kevin Owens was a wrestler who… he learned fast. You didn’t have to go back and teach him again. And once we did a segment one week and we’d come back like three days later for another, he already remembered what we did. So he was very talented, he really was very talented.”

KO is currently engaged in a heated rivalry with Roman Reigns on SmackDown. After Jey Uso’s interference cost Owens the Universal Championship at WWE TLC, as well as costing him his recent steel cage match with Reigns, he certainly has an uphill battle on his hands.

But his talent has been on display for all in the WWE Universe to see since his days in WWE NXT, and there’s no sign of the former NXT and WWE Universal Champion slowing down any time soon.

You can watch the full clip from Inside SKoop with Dr. Chris Featherstone and The Mountie here:


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