5 Surprises we could see in 2021- Former WWE Champion returns to destroy Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman’s next client defeats Brock Lesnar? 

One has to assume that the year 2021 will be better for WWE and the world in general, as compared to what we all went through in 2020.

And because none of us knew that the world would go into lockdown mode when 2020 got underway, it is impossible to predict what surprises lie in store for the WWE Universe in the year 2021.

That said, we have made an attempt to identify and elaborate upon five surprises that are likely to happen in WWE in the coming year. We invite you to share your thoughts and views about the same in the section below.

While none of these may happen, all of the following surprises could certainly happen in WWE over the course of 2021.

#5 Brock Lesnar returns to WWE to settle a score with Roman Reigns

There is a big opportunity to be explored once Brock Lesnar returns to WWE because his ‘advocate’ is now advocating for Roman Reigns, someone who has been Lesnar’s arch-nemesis on more than one occasion thus far. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns has always been a big-ticket fight, but especially in Roman Reigns’ current incarnation, this is a match for the ages. It could be a program that stretches out for months and eventually turns Brock Lesnar babyface.

The setup is such that this is a match almost guaranteed to happen sooner rather than later, and with Goldberg going for Drew McIntyre, one has to wonder if Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are going to clash for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania (hey, plans in WWE change frequently).

But it could also happen later in the year, at a stage like SummerSlam. Even though it’s a match that we’ve seen before, we’ve never been in a predicament where these two men are jousting over the managerial rights of Paul Heyman.

#4 Paul Heyman names his next big WWE client

Parker Boudreaux has been making waves as the next big thing in WWE, and he even confirmed that he’s going to be part of a pro wrestling promotion in 2021. Paul Heyman has been full of praise for the American football player, and while speaking to Lucha Libre Online, Boudreaux responded to the praise.

This is what he had to say about Paul Heyman when asked by Michael Morales Torres:

Paul Heyman is the man. Always will be. #PaulHeymanGuy

You have to be a blind man to not see the physical similarities between the ‘next big thing’ and Brock Lesnar, and it is very likely indeed that Paul Heyman will launch this talented young man in a big way. Maybe there is a situation where he makes such a massive debut that he defeats Brock Lesnar in a shocking fashion in his very first WWE appearance.

WWE has been on the search for its next breakout star, and they may have found him in the young and gifted Parker Boudreaux.

#3 The Undertaker returns to WWE, just completely repackaged in a brand new role

Yes, we saw The Undertaker take his final bow at WWE Survivor Series, but that does not mean that his association with the company is over and done. In fact, he’s spoken to Triple H about a new role in NXT at some point.

This is what Triple H had to say about The Undertaker taking on some kind of role in WWE NXT:

He is looking now, I believe to move into the next phase of his life. We’ve talked a lot about it. It involves being here. It involves the future. It involves getting more into that.

But, could we also see him potentially in an authority figure role on WWE RAW and SmackDown, maybe in a less zombified avatar as compared to the persona that he has been known for through his illustrious career? Maybe taking over from Adam Pearce, who can’t keep things under control on the WWE RAW and SmackDown brands, who calls in the heavy cavalry.

#2 Becky Lynch returns to WWE and goes straight for the RAW Women’s Championship

We can all talk about what a great WWE RAW Women’s Champion Asuka has been, but at the same time, there’s just been something missing since Becky Lynch stepped away. Even though she has embraced motherhood at this point, there’s always the chance that Becky Lynch could show up to mix it up with the women of WWE in 2021. Even if she does not come back in a full-time capacity, she could always work the Brock Lesnar schedule.

The return of Becky Lynch to WWE will certainly breathe new life into the division and can actually make Asuka’s reign as the Champion seems more meaningful if she’s still the Champion when Lynch is back.

Whatever the case may be, the WWE Universe would be thrilled to see Becky Lynch back in action, considering that she’s probably the most ‘over’ female performer in the history of the business. A showdown with ‘supernatural’ Alexa Bliss could also be a very

#1 Jey Uso becomes the man who defeats Roman Reigns for the prestigious WWE Universal Championship


If there was a breakout star on WWE SmackDown in the year 2020, it was Jey Uso, who stepped up to the plate in the absence of his brother and proved that he could be a breakout singles star.

Do click on the link at the top of this page and check out his fellow WWE SmackDown Superstar Big E commenting on just how far Jey Uso has come through his program with the now repackaged Roman Reigns.

Do not forget, however, that things haven’t really been rosy between the pairing of Roman Reigns and Jey Uso, especially if you factor in that Reigns cracked a steel chair across Uso’s back not very long ago. Could it be Jey Uso, once he turns babyface, that eventually ends Roman Reigns’ dream run to become the brand new Universal Champion?

It could certainly bring the entire story full circle and give the WWE Universe a reason to celebrate.

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