Brodie Lee’s wife reveals her honest thoughts on WWE

The late Brodie Lee’s wife Amanda Huber recently urged fans to refrain from expecting her to hate on WWE, and revealed her honest thoughts on the promotion.

Following Brodie Lee’s tragic passing, there were many on social media who slammed WWE for “not paying him a proper tribute”. Many began comparing tributes that both AEW and WWE paid to the fallen wrestler. Others are seemingly wanting Amanda Huber to hate on WWE, and she is not happy about it.

She posted a lengthy message in her latest story and stated that many fans are expecting her and her family to hate on WWE for how Brodie Lee’s career had turned out there. Huber said that she doesn’t hate, and has never hated WWE. Here are a few crucial parts from her message:

“So many people expect myself and my family to hate on WWE. The fact is, we don’t. We never have.”

“My husband absolutely got frustrated because he wanted more than they had envisioned for him. That didn’t mean he hated them.”

“WWE gave my husband a platform. It enabled him to live his dream. A dream he *almost* gave up on.”

Amanda Huber also had nothing but praise for WWE Superstars like Big E and Cesaro, and finished off her message by asking fans to stop creating a divide in wrestling. Check out the entire message in the screengrab below. You can also head over to Amanda Huber’s Instagram to see the story.

Amanda’s message to fans

Brodie Lee never became a main eventer in WWE, but did well for himself in the promotion

Brodie Lee enjoyed a successful stint in WWE as part of The Wyatt Family, along with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan. He went on to win the Intercontinental title on one occasion, and was also a 2-time SmackDown Tag Team Champion.

Brodie Lee wanted out of WWE during his final months, and finally got his release in December 2019. He later made his debut in All Elite Wrestling, where he was steadily turning into a main event star. Brodie Lee was introduced as the leader of The Dark Order, and later squashed Cody to win his first and only TNT title.

Amanda Huber has gone through a lot over the past few weeks, and the last thing she would want is to see AEW and WWE fans attacking each other on social media using Brodie’s name.

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