Ric Flair was not supposed to trip Charlotte on RAW; Original plan before botch revealed

The most confusing moment from the Legends Night episode of RAW was Ric Flair costing Charlotte Flair her tag team match. Ric Flair tripped Charlotte Flair during the tag team contest, and Peyton Royce capitalized and rolled up the Queen for the win.

Bryan Alvarez has now revealed on the Wrestling  Observer Live that Ric Flair was never originally planned to trip Charlotte Flair. The booking was for Ric Flair to trip Peyton Royce, but something happened, and the spot got botched.

The spot’s timing and positioning could have gone wrong, forcing Ric Flair to accidentally tripped Charlotte Flair.

Here’s what Alvarez revealed on WOL:

“I have just been alerted by the way for those of you who watched RAW that, in fact, the story was supposed to be Ric was trying to trip Peyton, and it was supposed to be an accident.”

Charlotte and Ric Flair played up the botched ending and created a storyline out of it on RAW. Charlotte was annoyed with her father, and she instructed him to go backstage. Ric Flair looked dejected as he was shown making his way to the back.

As noted after RAW, there could also be another reason pertaining to backstage politics that explains WWE’s booking of Ric Flair on the show.

Nonetheless, Ric Flair issued the following apology on Twitter after the episode:

Sorry I Messed Up. It Won’t Be The First Time And Probably Won’t Be The Last. A Father And Daughter’s Bond Is Unbreakable. Thank You For Letting Me Come Visit! @MsCharlotteWWE @WWE #LegendsNight

Charlotte Flair reacted to her father’s message by burying the hatchet:

I can never stay mad at you ❤️ love you as big as the sky Dad

It initially seemed like WWE was angling towards a storyline that could explore the tensions between the Flairs. However, it was all an accident, and WWE might not look into it much as we move forward.

Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce are now in contention to face Flair and Asuka for the Women’s Tag Team Championship following their non-title win on RAW.

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