Top 5 Interesting swerves WWE could be planning for 2021 (Mr. MITB makes history, former world champion returns)

WWE was forced to make several changes to their plans last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has adapted, and it has used the ThunderDome to ensure that its product remains safe for the fans.

This year, WWE will be looking to bring viewers back to the shows in person, as several WWE stars have refused to return to the ring until live fans are present.

In theory, WWE will eventually be able to use many top stars who have been missing during the pandemic. The company could have major plans for these competitors, as WWE might hope to bounce back in a big way in 2021.

Here are just five swerves that WWE could be planning, and each one would definitely make some waves in the industry.

#5. WWE King of the Ring returns and King Corbin retains

Xavier Woods has been pushing WWE to bring the King of the Ring tournament back this year because the former WWE RAW Tag Team Champion clearly wants to win the crown.

Currently, Baron Corbin is still known as King Corbin after his victory in the last tournament in 2019. While this edition was mildly successful, it wasn’t believed to be on the same level as its predecessors. Many fans felt that the King of the Ring competition should have had its own pay-per-view event.

Bret Hart was the last WWE Superstar who won consecutive tournaments. But WWE could have King Corbin emerge victorious once again if it decides to hold the tournament this year. Few fans would expect to see Corbin win the crown this time around.

Corbin is already one of the most hated men in WWE, and the WWE Universe would surely be outraged if an entire tournament led the same outcome as the competition in 2019.

Vince McMahon has made it clear that his priority is making sure that WWE stays relevant and profitable. The company tends to provoke backlash from the fans to capture some headlines. Giving Corbin another King of the Ring victory would be another example of that trend.

#4. Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar returns and wins the 2021 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Vince McMahon has been pushing for live fans to return for several months. He had reportedly hoped that they could attend the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. As of this writing, it seems like this show will utilize the same format as WWE TLC, an event that aired from the ThunderDome without live fans.

The ThunderDome offers a unique replacement, but it can’t make up for the lack of live fans. Surprise appearances don’t feel as electric when WWE pipes in fake cheers. Naturally, Brock Lesnar, like other stars, doesn’t want to return in an empty arena. But he’ll probably come back sooner rather than later.

Rumors have suggested that Lesnar will face Drew McIntyre at WWE WrestleMania this year. But championship rematch clauses aren’t guaranteed anymore, so “The Beast Incarnate” might follow a different route to the title.

He could return at WWE Royal Rumble and win the match. This victory would allow him to challenge for the WWE Championship at the Showcase of the Immortals. (That prediction assumes that McIntyre can overcome Goldberg later this month.)

#3. Ronda Rousey makes her WWE return and teams with Lana

Ronda Rousey in WWE
Ronda Rousey in WWE

Ronda Rousey left WWE after her loss to Becky Lynch at WWE WrestleMania 35. She has remained absent from WWE programming. While Rousey stated that she was leaving to start a family, her rival, “The Man” later announced her own pregnancy. As a result, Lynch has also stepped away for personal reasons.

Lynch isn’t expected to return to the ring soon, but Rousey’s WWE contract will expire in a few months. So the company could be looking to give her one last run.

Her return could take the fans by surprise. Lana is expected to compete in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match, which would mark her first appearance since Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax took her out. Rousey could choose to help Lana in her battle against WWE RAW’s resident bullies.

Many fans would like to see Rousey and Baszler share the same ring in WWE. The former UFC stars could have a dynamic feud before Rousey moves on to other rivalries.

#2. The Fiend returns at WWE Royal Rumble and targets Goldberg

The Fiend and Goldberg in WWE
The Fiend and Goldberg in WWE

WWE seems to be enjoying swerving the fans. Though many fans believed that Goldberg would target Roman Reigns, he has set his sights on Drew McIntyre instead.

Less than a year ago, the former Universal Champion took down The Fiend. Goldberg made quite the statement when he became the first man in WWE to pin the monster. He remains the only WWE Superstar who has accomplished this feat.

The WWE Universe might be expecting a Firefly Fun House match between The Fiend and Randy Orton, but Bray Wyatt could head in a new direction. Orton has already announced that he will compete in the Men’s Royal Rumble match, so his feud with The Fiend might be on the back burner.

As a result, Wyatt could decide that he has unfinished business with Goldberg. He might target the one man who has pinned him. The two enemies could then face off, and the former champion would be able to exact some revenge for his loss at WWE Super ShowDown.

#1. The Miz’s Money in the Bank contract expires on WWE TV

WWE has already made some history with the Money in the Bank contract last year. The Miz became the first man to lose his second cash-in. Plus, the contract had never been given back to its holder after a cash-in. But when John Morrison cashed it in on his behalf, WWE handed the briefcase back to The Miz.

Technically, The Miz only has until the next Money in the Bank pay-per-view to cash in his contract. But it seems like the company doesn’t plan to have The Miz win the gold. Since he’s already cashed the contract in once, WWE might opt to take a different direction.

WWE could have the contract expire, so The Miz would be forced to relinquish it. He could claim that he didn’t obtain the contract until WWE Hell in a Cell, so his time with the contract didn’t start until that show. But because Otis initially won the contract at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, The Miz might have to follow the same rules.

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