5 WWE Superstars who could join Roman Reigns and Jey Uso in The Bloodline

Roman Reigns has created quite the character on WWE SmackDown since his return back at SummerSlam and at present, he looks as though he is controlling his own narrative.

Reigns tricked Adam Pearce into a match at the Royal Rumble but was then double-crossed himself by the WWE official this past week when it was revealed that his actual opponent would be Kevin Owens.

This shows that Reigns isn’t in a place where he needs to be on SmackDown just yet, but the Universal Champion has only been back in the company for less than five months.

There are several WWE stars that Reigns could recruit in the future that could help him to become one of the biggest stars in the company and ensure that there isn’t another star out there who can take his Championship.

Here are just five men that Reigns could recruit to join Jey Uso and Paul Heyman in The Bloodline.

#5. Jimmy Uso could join Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown when he returns

Jimmy Uso’s injury may have come at the worst time for his career following last year’s WrestleMania, but it appears to have been the best thing that has happened for his brother.

Main event Jey Uso has been born from the ashes and is now one of the best-known stars on the blue brand after several months of working alongside Roman Reigns.

Jimmy Uso has already had several run-ins with The Head of the Table whilst still out injured, but it’s now January and Uso should be cleared to make his WWE return soon. But will he be joining his brother?

Roman Reigns made a convincing argument regarding being kicked out of the family when he was feuding with Jey and it’s unlikely that WWE would want to go through the entire process again to get Jimmy on board. Jey will likely convince his brother to turn heel upon his return and the two men will become the henchmen for Reigns when needed.

This could also lead to more WWE Championship opportunities for The Usos since Roman Reigns has a lot of power on SmackDown and can make matches happen if he believes that Jey and Jimmy have worked hard for them.

Jey Uso has also stated that he will be part of the upcoming Royal Rumble match, so it will be interesting to see if his brother is part of the match as well.

#4. Apollo Crews could join The Bloodline after creating a bond with Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown

Apollo Crews hasn’t been handed a lot by WWE creative over the past few years and could use someone like Roman Reigns in his ear to help navigate him through the WWE world.

Crews has what it takes to be a major star in WWE but he doesn’t have the kind of attitude to get mean and take what he wants. This past week on SmackDown, Crews was shown backstage with Roman Reigns and it appeared as though the two men were discussing tactics. The Universal Champion was showing Crews how to get things done.

The former NXT star has since teased an alliance with The Tribal Chief, since Roman Reigns has the knowledge and the power to help Crews become a star on SmackDown, and he could be willing to help him.

It does create the question of what Roman Reigns himself would be getting from this partnership, unless Crews is set to become another one of his henchmen who will be there at his request to fight his battles.

For someone like Crews, who has only been able to eat the scraps from the floor since he made his main roster debut, this could be a handsome opportunity to get a seat at the table.

#3. Tamina could be offered a place in The Bloodline with Roman Reigns to boost her career on WWE TV

Tamina has been in the background throughout this entire WWE storyline, waiting for her chance to be part of the show. The former 24/7 Champion was drafted over to SmackDown in time to be part of the feud between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso but the company never pushed her forward.

Tamina even resorted to helping the family in a backstage role, in order to be a part of a very personal story that she believed was a standout storyline from WWE.

At present, Tamina is being wasted in the Women’s Division in a storyline where she is friends with Natalya. The Women’s Division doesn’t seem to have any relevant storylines for Tamina and she hasn’t had a lot to do since challenging for the SmackDown Women’s Championship several weeks ago.

At some point Roman Reigns is going to need a female in his group to do his bidding and Tamina is a relative and would step in to help her family. It would make sense if she was recruited in the coming weeks, so that she can kickstart 2021 in style.

#2. Aleister Black could be handed a lifeline by Roman Reigns to boost his WWE career

Aleister Black hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since last year. The former NXT Champion was someone that many fans believed could be a World Champion but is yet to wrestle on SmackDown since being drafted back in October.

It’s unknown what the future holds for Aleister Black, but the star has a talent that WWE wouldn’t want to waste, so the company could allow him to be saved by Roman Reigns at some point.

Roman Reigns is a smart man and he would rather have someone of Black’s ability with him rather than against him. At present, Black’s whereabouts are unknown and it’s unclear as to whether or not he will make his return as part of the upcoming Royal Rumble match.

What is known is that Reigns could offer him a decent future on SmackDown if he’s ready to make his return to TV. The WWE Universe is unaware of what’s happening behind the scenes with Black, but hopefully, the company is able to move past this after the turn of the year and The Dutch Destroyer is able to make an impact on SmackDown.

#1. Seth Rollins could make his WWE return and align himself with Roman Reigns on SmackDown

Seth Rollins left WWE following Survivor Series back in November and has since been enjoying his paternity leave with his daughter Roux. It’s unknown when The Messiah will make his return to WWE TV, but since he left the company as a heel, it’s likely that he will return the same way.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were once brothers; Rollins was in tears when the Universal Champion announced his leukemia diagnosis to the world and was there for him throughout his recovery.

In the absence of real blood relatives in WWE, Seth Rollins will always be seen as Roman Reigns’ brother, and putting the two men together again would also prevent Rollins from challenging for the Universal Championship for several months.

Roman Reigns will know that Rollins will be seen as one of the biggest threats to his title upon his return, so The Tribal Chief could decide to recruit Rollins in order to prevent having to have another feud against his former Shield teammate.

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