WWE RAW: 5 Potential finishes for Alexa Bliss and Asuka’s non-title match

Alexa Bliss will be wrestling her first WWE match in 2021 on the upcoming edition of RAW. Bliss will face the current RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka, in a non-title singles match.

Apart from the aforementioned bout, WWE has also announced that Alexa Bliss will prepare for her fallout with Randy Orton after the ending of last week’s RAW.

Although it is possible that Alexa Bliss’ segment with Orton and her match with Asuka could coincide in some way, this particular feature will mostly focus on the potential outcomes for Bliss’ in-ring return.

Little Miss Bliss and Asuka’s in-ring clash could also lead to some overarching consequences for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. With that being said, here are five potential finishes for Alexa Bliss and Asuka’s non-title match on WWE RAW.

#5: Charlotte Flair helps Asuka against Alexa Bliss on WWE RAW

It seems quite unlikely that the sole purpose of this match would be for Asuka to win over Alexa Bliss in a clean fashion. Firstly, it wouldn’t help at all in terms of building up Bliss as a credible threat. Secondly, the non-title match stipulation possibly indicates that Bliss and Asuka’s clash won’t be a straightforward encounter on WWE RAW.

Now that Asuka and Charlotte Flair are the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Queen could arrive to aid her tag team partner against Bliss. If Alexa Bliss were to pose a legitimate threat to Asuka’s well-being, Charlotte Flair could interfere in the proceedings to cause a disqualification. The other option would be for Flair to turn the match in Asuka’s favor with a subtle interference, unbeknownst to the referee.

Either way, Charlotte Flair’s involvement could establish a storyline between The Queen and Little Miss Bliss. On the main roster, both of these women have only faced each other once in singles action. It was at WWE Survivor Series 2017 when Charlotte Flair earned a one-on-one victory against Alexa Bliss.

In 2021, the context behind their potential feud could be entirely different. After all, things have changed a lot for Bliss ever since she aligned with The Fiend in WWE.

#4: Alexa Bliss may defeat Asuka in a clean manner on WWE RAW

One recurring purpose of non-title matches in WWE is to set up an eventual title match between stars that are involved in the non-title clash. In this scenario, Alexa Bliss and Asuka would be the two WWE stars who will participate in their upcoming non-title bout on RAW.

Since Asuka is the current RAW Women’s Champion, it is possible that Bliss could be booked as the clear victor over The Empress of Tomorrow. This particular finish will appeal to certain WWE fans who are tired of witnessing 50-50 booking on the Red brand, every week.

Since Asuka’s feud with The Golden Role Models in WWE, last summer, her title storylines haven’t been as newsworthy or as captivating in recent memory. Taking a clean loss against someone who is being potentially booked as a legitimate threat wouldn’t hurt Asuka’s momentum to a large extent. However, the aforementioned finish would introduce a highly newsworthy female competitor (Alexa Bliss) in the WWE RAW Women’s Championship scene, at last.

Anything could happen on the Road to WrestleMania, and Asuka’s title reign might be in serious jeopardy in the presence of Alexa Bliss.

#3: Randy Orton could interfere in Alexa Bliss and Asuka’s non-title match on WWE RAW

On last week’s edition of WWE RAW, Triple H and Randy Orton’s Street Fight main event was subjected to a surreal interruption from Alexa Bliss. The match ended in an indecisive manner, as Triple H disappeared from the ring and Bliss launched a fireball towards Orton’s face.

The Viper suffered minor burns to his face in the context of their storyline. Perhaps Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton’s aftermath could be addressed towards the end of Bliss’ in-ring return against Asuka.

Orton may interrupt Alexa Bliss and Asuka’s match to take revenge against Bliss for her actions from last week’s WWE RAW. The exact nature of the interruption remains unpredictable, just like the entirety of The Apex Predator’s feud with Bray Wyatt. Orton may deliver an RKO to Alexa Bliss, which is similar to what many WWE fans have been pitching online. While intergender violence is slightly frowned upon in mainstream wrestling entertainment today, Orton has attacked several women in the past. The most recent example of the same was when he delivered an RKO to Beth Phoenix on RAW, last year.

The Viper may also ‘fight fire with fire’ to set the record straight with Bliss and to reclaim his title as the ultimate arsonist in modern-day WWE. Could Wyatt send a cryptic message to Orton to set things in motion for the Royal Rumble, or will Orton’s potential attack on Bliss remain uninterrupted?

#2: Nikki Cross confronts Alexa Bliss during the latter’s in-ring return on WWE RAW

Let’s not forget that Alexa Bliss and The Fiend’s WWE storyline also featured a major arc between Bliss and her former best friend, Nikki Cross. The duo used to be close as tag team partners in WWE, but The Fiend brainwashed Little Miss Bliss to join him last year. This caused a major rift between the friendship of Bliss and Cross.

The Scottish WWE Superstar made several attempts to prevent her best friend from falling over to the dark side, but all efforts proved to be futile in the end. As a matter of fact, Bliss faced Cross in singles action the last time Bray Wyatt’s ally wrestled on weekly television. Bliss won that match in November last year, and both women could renew their storyline on the Road to WrestleMania 37.

Bliss and Asuka’s match may feature an interference from Nikki Cross, which could lead to a disqualification or a no-contest outcome. It is also possible for Randy Orton to temporarily form an alliance with Cross so that the latter star could take care of Bliss on WWE RAW.

Could Nikki Cross bring back the edgy personality from her days with the Sanity stable in WWE?

#1: Alexa Bliss could transform into her darker persona in the middle of the match on WWE RAW

A huge topic of discussion amongst WWE fans when it comes to Alexa Bliss has been her gradual transformation into a potential female version of The Fiend.

Alexa Bliss’ character transformation seems like an ongoing process, but there have been two distinct split personalities of her that fans have witnessed on WWE TV so far. Playground Alexa is the more exuberant version of Bliss. This particular side of Bliss has been at the forefront ever since she joined The Fiend. Unlike Playground Alexa, the more sinister version of Bliss appears in a dark attire on WWE TV. The darker side of Alexa Bliss hasn’t wrestled in the ring yet, although this could change on the upcoming edition of RAW.

WWE has advertised Playground Alexa as Asuka’s opponent. If The Empress of Tomorrow turns out to be more dominant than Alexa Bliss, there is a chance that Bliss could transform into her sinister persona during the non-title match itself. This would be similar to how Fun House Bray Wyatt once turned into The Fiend in the middle of his bout against Randy Orton on RAW, last year.

This particular twist could set up a future rematch between Alexa Bliss and Asuka at the Royal Rumble event, where Bliss may fully debut her ominous personality in an in-ring match.

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