“That already takes me a little bit out of the match” – WCW legend reveals why Roman Reigns should have faced Adam Pearce at Royal Rumble [Exclusive]

WCW legend Konnan recently gave his take on Kevin Owens facing Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble. Konnan felt that Adam Pearce would have been a more interesting opponent for the Tribal Chief.

Konnan is a pro wrestling legend and has wrestled in WCW, WWE, TNA Wrestling, and several other major promotions in the United States. He’s also a legend down in his native Mexico.

Konnan was a guest on this week’s edition of SK Wrestling’s UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone. Konnan discussed Roman Reigns’ storyline with Adam Pearce during his appearance and felt that Pearce would have been a better choice of opponent to keep things fresh. Konnan also suggested ways in how WWE could book to the match and get Kevin Owens involved.

“I was actually looking forward to him [Roman Reigns] being in there with Adam Pearce because I thought it would be a really good match, people would really be into Adam Pearce as the guy underneath who hasn’t wrestled in six years. Then maybe something happens with Roman and they start beating him up and maybe open him up or something and then Kevin Owens comes out and helps him and now we have a tag team match or something. I did kind of like the idea where Pearce signed the Last Man Standing thing and then he faked an injury and said ‘oh Kevin Owens is gonna fight you’. I’d rather have had Pearce fight Roman and have Kevin Owens come out and then maybe have a tag team match because I don’t think Kevin Owens is going to beat Roman for the title so that already takes me a little bit out of the match,” said Konnan.

Konnan reveals one aspect of the Roman Reigns character that he loves

Konnan also discussed Roman Reigns’ character in WWE right now and singled out one aspect of the character he is a big fan of. The WCW legend revealed that he liked how Roman Reigns plays mind games with his opponents. He also praised Reigns, Jey Uso, and Paul Heyman for the work they have been doing recently on SmackDown.

“You know what I love about the Roman Reigns character, cause he’s so great at it? I love the mind games… he always has to have control and I liked it when Paul took out the seat for him and he goes, ‘no, I want his seat’. He made him get up. Really, Roman, Jey and Paulie have been incredible,” said Konnan.

Roman Reigns will now defend the WWE Universal Championship in a Last Man Standing match against Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble.

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