“He’s outperformed every Superstar on SmackDown” – Paul Heyman praises “Main Event” Jey Uso

Paul Heyman has heaped mountains of praise on Jey Uso, highlighting his rise through the ranks on SmackDown over the past few months.

In an interview with BT Sport, the current special counsel to Roman Reigns revealed his true thoughts towards one half of The Usos, going as far to say that not only is Jey now a “Main Event” player in WWE, but that he’s also “outperformed every single Superstar on SmackDown” and is responsible for SmackDown’s recent successful ratings.

Here is what Heyman had to say about Uso:

“I don’t think it was fractured. I think these were the necessary growing pains for Jey Uso – part of the best tag team of the past 20 years – to become ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso. I mean, Jey Uso is a singles star now. When Jey Uso stepped up into the spotlight it was a very interesting moment, and he said that when he would go to an airport, you know, five a clock in the morning and all the autograph seekers were there, they’d say “Which one are you?” Now, everybody knows who he is. Now everybody knows ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso. SmackDown ratings are on the rise, and they’re on a spectacular rise. Why are they on a spectacular rise? Think about it… Who has been in the main event more since September than any other performer on SmackDown? Anybody? Anybody! Jey Uso. ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso. ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso has out-performed Daniel Bryan. ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso has out-performed Big E. ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso has out-performed every single Superstar on SmackDown. How? Because he’s ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso and he had to go through those trials and tribulations in public, in front of everybody, for the audience to see him grow. From a magnificent, spectacular tag team wrestler, to ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso. I’m so proud of him.”

Will we see Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso again?

While Universal Champion Roman Reigns is currently in a feud with Kevin Owens, it is possible we may see the Tribal Chief square off with his cousin once again. Paul Heyman was quick to note that the only person who could halt the trajectory of Uso would be The Head of the Table.

“Absolutely unlimited. There is no ceiling. The only ceiling that Jey Uso will ever crash into is the one that is owned by Roman Reigns because nobody… NOBODY is getting by Roman Reigns.”

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