Goldberg reveals the exact moment he almost bit his tongue off on RAW

Goldberg almost bit his tongue off while hitting a Spear on The Miz on this week’s WWE RAW.

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg was a guest on the latest edition of After The Bell with Corey Graves. The former Universal Champion talked about not caring what haters think of him, and added that he will give them something to talk about as Royal Rumble approaches closer. The Master of the Spear revealed that he almost bit his tongue off while executing a Spear on The Miz on RAW.

“I’ll give the haters something else to bi**h at me about. I almost bit my tongue off last night, with that Spear with The Miz.”

Goldberg is determined to capture the WWE title at the Royal Rumble

On this week’s WWE RAW, Goldberg and Drew McIntyre came face to face. The Miz and John Morrison stood on the apron, watching the duo, when suddenly Goldberg and McIntyre pulled them in. Goldberg proceeded to hit a devastating Spear on The Miz, while McIntyre executed a Claymore on Morrison, immediately after.

Goldberg and McIntyre then had an intense staredown. The two Superstars will be colliding in the middle of the ring at the upcoming Royal Rumble 2021 event, in a match that’s never happened before. While many fans are unhappy with Goldberg coming back and taking a spot in the main event again, others are excited to see how things unfold when these two behemoths wrestle each other on the big stage.

Goldberg has won the World title and Universal title in the past, but has never tasted WWE Championship gold in his career. It all could change very soon though, if the WWE legend manages to come out victorious on Sunday.

Who will come out victorious when Goldberg and McIntyre go at it at the Royal Rumble? Do you think Goldberg has it in him to take McIntyre down and win the WWE title for the first time in his career? Or will McIntyre put down the WWE veteran and head towards WrestleMania with his head held high? Sound off!

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