“He’s earned that right to pick his spots” – Triple H on WWE legend’s part-time status

Triple H recently opened up about John Cena’s status as a part-time performer in WWE. “The Game” stated that the 16-time world champion has “earned that right to pick his spots.” Triple H likened Cena’s situation to that of others like The Rock, Undertaker and Ric Flair. He feels that these legends have given a lot to pro wrestling, so they deserve to make occasional appearances.

Cena has featured sporadically on WWE television in recent years because he has become increasingly successful as an actor. But in his prime, he was the face of WWE. Likewise, Triple H has been a top star throughout his career. Now, he has an executive role backstage.

While speaking on The Michael Kay Show, Triple H spoke about John Cena’s current status as a part-timer with WWE. He explained that Cena deserves the opportunity to pick his schedule.

“You find yourself, when you’re in the thick of it, being that guy that says, ‘I’m here every day. This is my house and my place,’ but then you get to where John Cena is, you get to where The Rock is. You get to where ‘Taker is or [Ric] Flair or anybody elsewhere, you’ve earned the right with fans to come back every now and then and tip your cap and for them to say, ‘Man, thank you for all of that,’ and for you to re-live those moments. John has earned that. Whether he spoke badly about it in the past and meant it, or whether he didn’t. He earned that right. He’s earned that right to pick his spots,” said Triple H. (H/T SEScoops)

Triple H was replying to a question regarding John Cena’s availability for WrestleMania. Cena was, in fact, one of the Superstars that publicly announced the dates and venues of the next three WrestleManias. Naturally, many fans have wondered whether the iconic star will return for this year’s “Showcase of the Immortals.” The WWE Universe will just have to wait and see.

Triple H’s future as an in-ring performer in WWE

Randy Orton and Triple H
Randy Orton and Triple H

Like John Cena, Triple H is a part-time performer. He did not wrestle a match in 2020. “The King of Kings” did return to the ring earlier this month, as he came face-to-face with Randy Orton.

The two rivals faced off in a street fight on RAW, but the match didn’t have a decisive conclusion due to the interference of Alexa Bliss.

Triple H remains a prominent figure behind the scenes in WWE. He is “the father of NXT,” and he arguably remains the face of the company.

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