Peyton Royce provides update on her fitness contest future

WWE RAW Superstar Peyton Royce says she enjoyed the experience of participating in a fitness competition in 2020. However, she is unsure if she will compete in another one in the near future.

In August 2020, Peyton Royce won two trophies after stepping on stage as a bikini competitor for the first time. She finished as a runner-up in the True Novice category and in third place in the Open Bikini category.

Speaking to SK Wrestling’s Rick Ucchino, Peyton Royce discussed the pros and cons of the competition.

“It was so intense. That’s the exact word I would use to describe it. I did three weeks of just the most intense dieting and workout regime. I already do those things, so for it to be intense was like… we really stepped it up. It was amazing. I was able to tick it off my bucket list. That’s something I had wanted to do since my early 20s, so I am so glad that I had the experience and I was able to do it.”


Watch the video above to find out more from Peyton Royce on her partnership with Lacey Evans, as well as her WrestleMania 35 memories.

Will Peyton Royce enter more fitness contests?

Although Peyton Royce enjoyed the experience, she said it also took a toll on her mind and body. She added that she would have to be in a “really strong mental place” to thrust herself into another contest in the future.

As for the next step of her WWE career, Peyton Royce is currently preparing to compete in Sunday’s WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match.

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