Reports: Meiko Satomura signs with WWE

Reports have emerged that Japanese wrestling sensation Meiko Satomura is the latest star to sign a contract with WWE. The 41-year-old Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling star will be coming to WWE as both a coach and an in-ring talent.

According to Yahoo! Japan, Satomura will be a part of NXT UK, alongside stars such as Piper Niven, Jinny, Isla Dawn, and the current women’s champion Kay Lee Ray. Satomura’s signing has been rumored for a few months, as she has been on WWE’s radar for a while now.

If Meiko Satomura competes in a WWE ring in the near future, it will not be the first time that she will be seen on the company’s programming. She participated in the the 2018 Mae Young Classic. During the popular tournament, Satomura battled her way to the semi-finals, as she scored three impressive wins. She was ultimately eliminated by Toni Storm.

Meiko Satomura is possibly one of the most recognizable women’s wrestling stars in the world. She is renowned for her lengthy career that has spanned over twenty-five years and counting. Satomura has won various titles throughout her remarkable run.

With her impressive background, Meiko Satomura would immediately become one of the top stars on NXT UK. The brand has many remarkable stars, but Satomura’s accomplishments are unparalleled.

A current champion in WWE wants to face Meiko Satomura

Sasha Banks in WWE
Sasha Banks in WWE

Back in September 2020, the current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks publicly tweeted that she wanted to face Meiko Satomura in a match. She seemed hopeful that the bout could happen at some point in the future.

Given Satomura’s reputation and Sasha Banks’ status as one of the biggest stars in WWE, the bout could be a dream match for some fans. Now that Satomura could be on her way to WWE, this match looks more possible than ever.

It may not be long until fans see Meiko Satomura on their TV screens, as NXT UK could be eager to utilize her star power. WWE currently has one of the strongest women’s wrestling divisions in the world, and that depth has reportedly become even stronger with the addition of Meiko Satomura.

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