WWE Superstar Spectacle- Best and Worst- Former teammates go to war, Big mistake with SmackDown star

WWE Superstar Spectacle, the inaugural edition at least was a lot of fun, because the company went all out to satiate its Indian fanbase.

For an impartial perspective, this reviewer reached out to others that watched the show from all across the globe, and it does seem like almost everyone that tuned into WWE Superstar Spectacle enjoyed the show, from the UK to Puerto Rico (thanks Jake and Michael).

WWE Superstar Spectacle obviously meant a great deal to Vince McMahon, because he packed the show with top talent, from Ric Flair to The Great Khali, in addition to top RAW and SmackDown stars.

If you thought differently or echo our sentiments about WWE Superstar Spectacle, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

#1 Best: Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre finally come to blows at WWE Superstar Spectacle, playing on their history

Jinder Mahal vs. Drew McIntyre is a feud that we’d have undoubtedly been treated to on RAW, had the former WWE Champion not been ruled out with an injury. There was a story to be told between the two, something that Drew McIntyre touched on, leading up to WWE Superstar Spectacle, that you can check out by clicking on the SK Wrestling exclusive linked above.

It was obviously a massive step up for Indus Sher to be allied with the WWE Champion, to be a part of the main event in the manner that he was.

To Jinder Mahal’s credit, the man looked to be in incredible shape and he can certainly make a stir on either the RAW or SmackDown brand, whatever the plans for him entail at this point.

Indus Sher picked up a massive win at WWE Superstar Spectacle, in what may be the biggest victory of their career.

#1 Worst: Why was Shinsuke Nakamura a heel at WWE Superstar Spectacle? And did all of the matches go too long?

The creative team made a critical mistake at WWE Superstar Spectacle, something that may potentially undo all of the good that they have done during the course of the past month or so.

Shinsuke Nakamura turned babyface on WWE SmackDown, in what has been dubbed a fantastic booking decision by fans from across the globe. Here is a man who came into NXT with much potential and promise, and was then booked into oblivion, even though he kept performing at the highest level, miles away from his home country.

It just seems like the creative team for WWE Superstar Spectacle just forgot that Shinsuke Nakamura had turned babyface not long ago, as they cast him as a heel. As always, Nakamura held up his end as one would expect from a professional like him.

Let’s just hope that the audience that caught WWE Superstar Spectacle is forgiving because this is a careless mistake.

#2 Best: Several promising Indian stars made their mark at WWE Superstar Spectacle, and thankfully not all of them won

Obviously, the Indian talent at WWE Superstar Spectacle has a long way to go before they are on the same playing field as their international counterparts, but truth be told quite a few of them are promising.

Guru Raaj is the first name that comes to mind considering he had the match of the night at WWE Superstar Spectacle against Finn Balor. Sareena Sandhu isn’t too shabby either and the fact that she actually picked up a win at the show speaks volumes about the potential that the company probably sees in her. Additionally, Giant Zanjeer and Dilsher Shanky are already worthy of conversation because of their size, and they had an impressive showing too.

Jeet Rama vs. AJ Styles was pretty okay as well, considering that AJ Styles is the best wrestler in the world and Rama has never even appeared on proper WWE television. AJ Styles picked up the win at WWE Superstar Spectacle, which is the right result.

#2 Worst: The Indian commentator at WWE Superstar Spectacle was not very good

Shahroz Ali was behind the commentary desk at WWE Superstar Spectacle with Michael Cole and Corey Graves, and truth be told, he was not very good. Yes, it is fashionable to make fun of Cole and Graves, and sometimes it is even justified. That said, they showed how adept and how good they are behind the desk, as they were joined by a man who was as green as grass.

In fact, Michael Cole and Corey Graves almost had to bail Ali out of a few situations, where he just couldn’t fill in the blanks at WWE Superstar Spectacle at all, which is unfortunate because an Indian voice would have added much color to commentary.

In such circumstances, someone like Sonjay Dutt who works backstage at WWE could have been chosen as the right man for the job, because not only does he understand the market, he’s had years of wrestling promo experience under his belt. This was the worst thing about WWE Superstar Spectacle by a huge margin.

#3 Best/Worst: Did WWE Superstar Spectacle go a little overboard with the Indianness?


WWE Superstar Spectacle meant a lot to the men and women that participated in it, even those from WWE RAW and SmackDown because they know just how beloved they are in India. Natalya echoed these sentiments when SK Wrestling caught up with her, and you can check out her views by clicking on the video linked above.

The video packages that WWE put together to introduce all of the Indian stars were pretty fantastic, and they seemed to have been made by somebody who understands the wrestling fan, what he/she usually likes. What the typical wrestling fan, however, does not like, Indian or not, are random dance segments that have nothing to do with the actual product at all.

All in all, WWE Superstar Spectacle was definitely a spectacle, and it remains to be seen if this becomes an annual tradition or not. We’d love to hear your thoughts on WWE Superstar Spectacle, and we invite you to chime in, in the section right below.

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