“I mean it stinks” – Kane reacts to WWE Superstar’s Royal Rumble debut

This year’s Men’s WWE Royal Rumble Match made for some extremely interesting moments, with Kane returning to the ring once again. While at the end of the night it was Edge who came away with the win, several other WWE Superstars delivered to the best of their ability. One such Superstar was none other than the WWE main roster debutant — Damian Priest.

In an interview backstage after his Royal Rumble appearance, Kane talked about Damian Priest’s debut on the main roster and also pointed out the single grievance he had with him. The former NXT Superstar had wrestled his last match on the Black and Gold brand earlier in the month and since then, there were rumors about him getting a callup to the man roster.

During the WWE Royal Rumble Match, Damian Priest made his way out at No. 14 and was soon joined there by Kane. Both stars were able to get several eliminations, with Priest eliminating The Miz and John Morrison, as well as Elias, while Kane eliminated Dolph Ziggler and Ricochet.

However, in a shock, Kane, the veteran of the Royal Rumble Match, found himself eliminated by Damian Priest after a brawl between the two stars. In his backstage interview, Kane praised Priest for having a lot of potential but also pointed out that he would have liked to be a part of the match longer than he was, and was slightly unhappy with that.

“He’s got a ton of potential. I mean it stinks because I would have liked to be in the match longer. But he’s going to be an impact player in WWE. I think you’re going to see a lot more moments like that from him in the future.”


Who won the Royal Rumble last night?


WWE Royal Rumble had two 30-person matches in the form of the men’s and the women’s events. The women’s match took place first and saw the talented Bianca Belair pick up the win in a huge moment.

Belair had not really won any big titles since coming to WWE but had always been seen as one of the stars with the most potential. She lived up to it by last eliminating Rhea Ripley from the WWE Royal Rumble after the two of them had worked together to eliminate Charlotte Flair earlier.

For the Men’s Royal Rumble Match, it was yet another shocking moment. WWE Hall of Famer Edge had entered the Royal Rumble at the No. 1 position, but he outlasted everyone else, even taking out Randy Orton, who came back to surprise him with an RKO at the absolute end of the match.

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