“It’s heartbreaking” – Former WWE Superstar on the 2021 Royal Rumble having no fans

Chris Masters has said hosting the Royal Rumble match without any fans is “heartbreaking” for the talent involved.

In the latest edition of Inside SKoop with Dr. Chris Featherstone, in an episode which was recorded before the airing of the 2021 Royal Rumble, The Masterpiece discussed just how disappointing working in an empty arena must be, especially for one of the biggest pay per view events of the year like the Royal Rumble.

Here is what Masters had to say:

“That’s really heartbreaking. You really like to see the fan reactions. Especially when you have the returns. Like when you had Edge last year. When you had somebody returning, and to hear the reaction from the crowd. Wrestling fans, as we both know, are some of the most passionate people about what they love that I’ve ever seen in my life. And I know because I was one all the way up until I became a wrestler.”

The Royal Rumble isn’t the only event to suffer, says Chris Masters

As well as the Royal Rumble, Chris Masters also highlighted that all other sporting events are also suffering due to a lack of crowds, and that the current conditions have helped us recognize the importance of live crowds.

“Every single sport is going through it. I’m watching the Lakers right here… with no fans. You come to see how important it is to see those live reactions. Even when they’re booing, you know? You go through the approval and disapproval of everything they see and the reactions. But yeah, specifically for rumble because there’s always something cool that happens, or surprises, and all that.”

While there are no live crowds at the moment, WWE is looking to allow a limited capacity crowd to attend WrestleMania 37.

You can watch the conversation between Dr. Chris Featherstone and Chris Masters below:

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