Royal Rumble Results: Former World Champion makes surprise return; Insane end to Universal title match

Royal Rumble kicked off with Goldberg coming out for the WWE Championship match with Drew McIntyre. The pre-show saw Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeat Charlotte Flair and Asuka for the Women’s Tag titles with the help of Lacey Evans, among other shenanigans.

Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Goldberg – WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble

McIntyre kicked off with a Glasgow Kiss and a spear before the match began after Goldberg said something to Drew. Goldberg sent Drew into the barricades with a spear of his own before they headed to the ring and the match began properly.

What a way to kick things off at Royal Rumble!
What a way to kick things off at Royal Rumble!

Goldberg went for an early spear and it was countered with a claymore before Drew got a near fall. McIntyre went for another claymore but this time Goldberg countered it into a spear. Goldberg hit the Jackhammer and Drew still managed to kick out of it.

McIntyre avoided another spear and hit the biggest Claymore yet and picked up the quick win over the WWE Legend at the Royal Rumble.

Result: Drew McIntyre def. Goldberg to retain the WWE Championship


Match rating: A

Sasha Banks (c) vs. Carmella – SmackDown Women’s Championship match

Sasha started strong with an arm drag and Reggie interrupted her on the apron and paid for it by being knocked down. Carmella capitalized off the distraction and sent Banks into the announce desk before getting a near fall in the ring.

Banks hit a Meteora after getting out of a chokehold before getting hung up on the bottom rope where Carmella tied her hair to the ropes. Banks hit a double stomp and two amigos suplexes in the corner before Reggie interfered once more and was taken out before being sent away backstage by the referee at the Royal Rumble.

Carmella used the distraction to hit a huge dive through the ropes before getting a near fall. Banks got the advantage when ‘Mella was talking to the referee and hit the third amigo suplex.

Sasha Banks (c) vs. Carmella – SmackDown Women’s Championship match at Royal Rumble (contd…)

Carmella caught Sasha at the Royal Rumble with her trademark kicks, but Sasha reversed her pin attempt with the Banks Statement and made Carmella tap out, retaining the SmackDown Women’s title.

Result: Sasha Banks def. Carmella to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Match rating: A

Xavier Woods and Big E were backstage and hyped for the Royal Rumble match tonight. Sami Zayn walked up to taunt them before Kofi Kingston showed up and the New Day made fun of Zayn instead.

We got Bad Bunny’s performance of ‘Booker T’ before the Women’s Royal Rumble match kicked off.

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Bayley came out at the #1 position and #2 was the returning Naomi. Naomi started off strong after Bayley taunted her and almost eliminated Bayley.

#3 was Bianca Belair, followed by Billie Kay at #4 while Naomi and Belair teamed up to try and eliminate Bayley.

Kay sat down at the announce desk and avoided the match before Shotzi Blackheart came in at #5 and shot her tank at Billie Kay.

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