WWE Royal Rumble 2021: 3 Superstars who flopped and 4 who impressed – Roman Reigns busted open, Edge makes history

The 2021 edition of WWE Royal Rumble had its fair share of jaw-dropping moments. Both the Royal Rumble Match winners made history with their respective victories. We also saw the women’s tag team title change hands during the pre-show. Like every pay-per-view, a few WWE Superstars came out on top while others would not want to remember their performance tonight.

In this article, we will take a look at Superstars who impressed us at WWE Royal Rumble and those who did not. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#1 Impressed at WWE Royal Rumble: Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns was brilliant tonight
Roman Reigns was brilliant tonight

At WWE Royal Rumble 2021, Roman Reigns locked horns with Kevin Owens in a brutal Last Man Standing Match. This was the third battle between the two Superstars for the Universal Championship, and this match still managed to come across as a must-watch title bout. Both Owens and Reigns pushed each other to their limits as they battled across the arena.

Reigns looked resilient to prove a point to Kevin Owens during their meeting at WWE Royal Rumble. The Universal Champion was innovative in his offense throughout this match. He took Owens back to the spot with the screen and threw him off the top, but KO managed to get on his feet again. That said, Owens was struggling, so he went backstage to get away from the assault.

While KO struggled to catch a breath, Reigns returned with a golf cart and ran over his opponent. They continued to battle before KO found a way to put Reigns through a huge table. It seemed difficult, but Reigns got back on his feet, and both Superstars continued their brawl. Following this exchange, both Superstars returned to the ramp where Reigns put KO through the LED screen.

Following that, Reigns took some time to tell KO that he can’t go back home with a loss at WWE Royal Rumble. He then tried to attack Owens with a handcuff, but KO ended up tying Reigns to a piece of backstage equipment. This led to KO almost winning this match at WWE Royal Rumble, but Reigns ended up assaulting the referee before hitting KO with a low blow.

Paul Heyman saw his opportunity and helped Reigns in getting out if the handcuff. Reigns then applied a Guillotine submission and Owens started struggling to breathe. Eventually, KO passed out, and the referee counted to 10. The match ended with Roman Reigns successfully retaining his Universal Championship at WWE Royal Rumble.

This match was particularly impressive in Reigns’ title reign as he actually fought most of his battle himself. Apart from a low blow and slight help from Heyman, Reigns looked stronger than he has ever looked before and he took a lot of punishment in the process. This was a huge win for him, and Kevin Owens deserves a lot of credit as well for delivering such an engaging encounter at the pay-pe-view. It will be interesting to see what is in store for both these Superstars following this year’s WWE Royal Rumble.

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