WWE Royal Rumble 2021: 5 Interesting stats that were created

The annual Royal Rumble match has been heavily dominated by statistics over the past three decades since the company makes it clear that there are certain numbers in the match that are more successful than others ahead of the event.

There are also many stats and records inside the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble matches that are held by certain superstars. Every year new records are made and the WWE Universe struggle to keep track of the stars who have the elimination record, who have lasted the longest or the shortest amount of time, and who they believe is the Ironman or woman of the match.

Statistics are without a doubt most important at this time of year and, once again, last night saw several records broken and some interesting statistics created.

The following article looks at just five interesting statistics that every fan needs to know coming out of the 2021 Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

#5. Shayna Baszler now holds the overall Women’s Elimination record in The Royal Rumble

Shayna Baszler and Bianca Belair made quite the impression at last year’s Royal Rumble when the two women were able to eliminate eight women each to set a new record for a solo match.

Whilst neither woman was able to top that this year, since Rhea Ripley eliminated the most women in the match with seven, Baszler was able to take over Charlotte Flair’s record.

The Queen managed nine eliminations overall from her previous Royal Rumble matches and was able to hit ten quite quickly following her entrance into last night’s match. Despite that, Shayna Baszler was able to eliminate six women and take her overall total to 14, whilst Flair remains on 10.

Nia Jax was able to eliminate four women as part of last night’s show to take her overall total to 11.

Bianca Belair eliminated four women as part of last night’s match which means that her new total sits at 12 from two Royal Rumble matches. The EST of NXT went on to win the Women’s Royal Rumble match, so it’s easy to imagine that she’s not too worried that The Queen of Spades has taken the elimination record by just two.

#4. Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair set new longevity records in The Royal Rumble

Bianca Belair won the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble match after entering the match at number three and being able to last 56 minutes and 49 seconds. The record in one Women’s Royal Rumble match was 56 minutes and one second and was set by Natalya.

This means that Bianca Belair now holds the record for the longest time in a single Royal Rumble match, whilst Charlotte Flair was able to set a new record in the Royal Rumble as well.

The Queen entered at number 15 and lasted 33 minutes before she was eliminated by Belair and Rhea Ripley, after making it to the final three. This time has since been added on to Flair’s time in the match in the past, and now she has the new record of 1:51:05.

The previous record was also held by former Women’s Champion Natalya at 1:36:18, but sadly last night the Queen of Harts was only able to last inside the match for two minutes.

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