‘I would be thinking about my family first’ – Concerns raised about the returns of Edge and Christian

The Royal Rumble PPV’s biggest highlight was the heart-warming in-ring reunion of E dge and Christian. Captain Charisma was recently cleared to wrestle again, and it seems like he will compete in a few more matches soon. Edge also returned from a torn triceps injury to win the Royal Rumble.

During the latest Legion of RAW episode with Dr. Chris Featherstone, Vince Russo voiced his concerns about Superstars returning to the ring. Russo spoke about those Superstars who were forced to retire due to career-threatening injuries, and he named Daniel Bryan, Edge, and Christian.

While Russo understood the power of passion, the former WWE Head Writer said that he’d never grasped why some talent like Christian, Edge, and Daniel Bryan would want to risk their health and futures to wrestle again. Russo explained that the wrestlers are just one wrong move away from spending their entire lives in wheelchairs.

Here’s what Vince Russo had to say:


“I’m going to say this too, and this is my opinion and my viewpoint. These guys like Edge, Christian, Daniel Bryan, these guys getting back in the ring after serious injuries. If they need to, that’s one thing, if they need to, and it’s the only thing to support your family. Bro, if you don’t need to, and I’m sorry, I will never, ever understand that. I understand when you love something and the passion, I get all that. You are risking one move away from living the rest of your life in a wheelchair. I’ll never understand that for as long as I live.”

if you need the money, that’s one thing: Vince Russo on the possible motivations behind the returns of Edge, Christian, and other wrestlers

Russo added that some wrestlers return with the intention of financially support their families, but that isn’t the case with recent examples. Daniel Bryan has a life-long WWE job irrespective of whether he wrestles.

Russo believes that both Edge and Christian are in healthy financial positions. He also couldn’t fathom why the veteran Superstars weren’t thinking about their families and children.

“I don’t get it. I don’t understand the mindset. You know, maybe it’s because there is nothing I’m that passionate about. But, passionate or not, I would be thinking about my family first. Like I said, if you need the money, that’s one thing. Daniel Bryan has a life-long job at the WWE, whether or not he ever puts on a pair of trunks again. Edge is so well-off, and I’m sure Christian is too. How are you not thinking about family and children and kids and your quality? I’ll never understand that. I don’t.”

While Edge is reportedly set for a WrestleMania 37 match against Roman Reigns, we have no updates on WWE’s plans for Christian.

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