‘If I’m one of the boys, I’m very pissed off by that’ – Opinion on WWE morale after Edge’s Royal Rumble win

Edge returned at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV and managed to win the second Royal Rumble match in his career. The expected plan now is for Edge to challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37; however, how have the reactions been to WWE pushing another part-timer in a prime spot?

WrestleVotes had recently reported that the locker room morale in the WWE had improved tremendously as the Superstars were upbeat backstage at Royal Rumble.

Vince Russo commented on the report and Edge being pushed as the Royal Rumble winner on the latest edition of SK Wrestling’s Legion of RAW with Dr. Chris Featherstone.

Russo understood WWE’s decision to book Edge as the Royal Rumble winner considering the need to have a marquee name at WrestleMania. WWE expects to accommodate fans at ‘Mania, and Edge would help make it a bigger show.

“Listen, I understand Edge. I totally get it. They need a marquee name. Who knows, come March, how many fans will be allowed into the facility. If there are fans allowed, the WWE wants to come back with a bang. I understand it. I get it all for business reasons.”


Russo, however, had doubts about the backstage morale in WWE. The former WWE Head Writer explained that if there is any truth to the rumor, then the people backstage are really stupid.

“However, in my opinion, from a morale point of view, you know, bro, you’re telling everybody on your roster, everybody in that locker room, ‘Listen, man, there wasn’t anybody over here worthy of the spot.’ And let me tell you something, I was reading on WrestlingInc today, ‘Oh morale is on an all-time high in the WWE locker room.’ You know what? If that the truth, then you’ve got a bunch of really stupid people in there.”

If everything is hunky-dory, then you guys just don’t want it: Vince Russo on the WWE locker room reaction to Edge winning the Royal Rumble

Russo highlighted the struggles that the Superstars have faced in the past year. The Superstars have sacrificed a lot only to see a part-timer come in and take a major WrestleMania spot. Vince Russo said that if everything is indeed hunky-dory backstage, then the guys just don’t want it enough.

“Think about this, Chris. Think about what these guys have gone through during the last year of COVID. Think about it, bro! Showing up at TV, been tested, getting COVID, have to worry about their family, being flown to Florida on Friday, having to stay in a room all weekend. The sacrifices these guys have made over the last year, and then a part-timer is going to walk in and get this spot because nobody else on the entire roster is worthy. I’ve got to tell you if I’m one of the boys, I’m very, very pissed off by that. But, hey, according to the journalists, everything in the locker room is hunky-dory. If everything is hunky-dory, then you guys just don’t want it, man. I don’t know what to say.”

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