Intergender match with Xavier Woods possibly planned for WWE RAW

Xavier Woods might very well be involved in an intergender wrestling match next week on WWE RAW. After facing RETRIBUTION members over the last two weeks, the New Day member has issued a challenge to Reckoning.

Woods felt the lack of his tag team partner, Kofi Kingston, at his side over the past few weeks as Kingston was put out of commission with a jaw injury. The Superstar returned to support Xavier Woods on this week’s episode of WWE RAW, and the return saw Woods get a win over RETRIBUTION leader Mustafa Ali.

Xavier Woods found himself the target of RETRIBUTION over the past few weeks on RAW. While he lost to Mace and T-Bar, Woods has now been able to get two consecutive wins on RAW, defeating Slapjack, and now Mustafa Ali himself.

However, Woods is not done, as he has now issued a challenge to the last remaining RETRIBUTION member he has not faced — Reckoning. Currently standing at 2-2, Woods wants to beat the last member of RETRIBUTION and win the series of matches he has been having against members of the anti-WWE faction.

Woods appeared on RAW Talk, where he mentioned his 2-2 record and wanted the match against Reckoning. Reckoning, a.k.a Mia Yim, has now responded to the challenge, simply saying that she is more than ready for Woods. If Xavier Woods was to face her, she implied that Xavier’s two-match winning streak would be in jeopardy.

She went on to accept the challenge, asking that the match be made.

Could an intergender match between Xavier Woods and Reckoning happen on RAW next week?

WWE is not known for encouraging intergender wrestling matches even with their mixed tag team wrestling matches, as they usually allow women to only face women, and men to face men.

However, there have been exceptions to the rule over the years, and recently, WWE seems to be willing to cross the line as far as intergender wrestling is concerned. Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton are embroiled in a feud at the moment, with Bliss taking an RKO from Orton as well.

Even officially, there was recently an intergender wrestling match on SmackDown, where Sasha Banks faced and defeated Carmella’s sommelier, Reginald.

With this being the case, Xavier Woods and Reckoning might actually find themselves in a match on RAW next week, although that is yet to be confirmed.

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