It was goofy, stupid sh*t” – Former WWE star Shawn Stasiak reveals true feelings on his character

Former WWE Superstar Shawn Stasiak has discussed his feelings towards the wrestling character he presented in WWE during the Attitude Era.

In an exclusive interview with SK Wrestling’s Ryan Boman, the former WWF Hardcore Champion made it clear that he was not impressed with the character that was given to him by WWE management, and that he was “disappointed” in the decision, considering his respected wrestling heritage.

Here is what Shawn Stasiak had to say:

“I had anticipated, pretty much my whole life, that one day I would give this a shot, and (having) a legacy name like my father, Stasiak, Stan the Man, I just never anticipated that I would be given a character that was a cheesy, one-word name, “Meat.” I was disappointed but I was still very excited because (I said to myself) “You know what? Take this character, do the best that you know how, this is just getting started, it’s like a gig in a movie role.”… The characters that I did were all narcissists, vanity, sex symbols, just goofy stupid sh*t honestly.”

Shawn Stasiak didn’t want to be stuck playing the same character forever


Shawn Stasiak also mentioned that he feared he may have become trapped playing silly roles forever, because of his gimmick in WWE – similarly to how an actor can become typecast if he or she plays one type of character for too long.

“But then again, some of the challenges to me, you take a particular gimmick in pro wrestling, like an actor in a movie, and you play too many comedy spots, then it’s hard to be taken seriously as an actor. Like in a drama or a suspense or something. When you’re just known for a particular genre. I think that can also bite someone in the a** if that happens.”

Shawn Stasiak also commented that, if he were to return to the wrestling buisness today, his character would be more of a reflection of his true self.

“An extension or a reflection of who I really am as a person today. And that’s just a fighter, a survivor, I keep swinging. He’s full of p*** and vinegar, he’s all-business.”

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