WWE RAW: Top 5 performers on the show – Interesting main event, current champion pinned

This week’s edition of WWE RAW was one of the most entertaining shows from the Red brand that we have seen in a while. From Sheamus betraying Drew McIntyre to a promising NXT call-up, there was a lot that unfolded during the three-hour show. Most of the matches were entertaining, and the brand used its opportunity to set the tone for a few new feuds.

Thanks to a good show, there aren’t any names to add to a list of flops. Hence, this time we will only look at the Superstars who impressed us with their performances on WWE RAW this week.

#1 Edge beats Randy Orton in the main event of WWE RAW

Edge needed his revenge against Randy Orton
Edge needed his revenge against Randy Orton

After the events at Royal Rumble, a match between Edge and Randy Orton was inevitable, and it transpired in the main event of WWE RAW this week. Edge addressed his victory last night and a plausible WrestleMania opportunity in the opening segment of the show. There, he was joined by the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Sheamus.

Edge stated that he has not yet made his decision about whom he wants to face but promised that he would walk out with a title at WrestleMania. He also warned McIntyre about how the champion has a big target on his back. Once Edge walked back, Sheamus attacked McIntyre with a Brogue Kick and confirmed his heel turn on WWE RAW.

Following that, we saw a backstage segment on WWE RAW during which Orton talked about how he tried to keep Edge away from the ring. The Viper was displeased that Edge’s recent run made him look a liar and called for a match. The two Superstars then locked horns in a good match, with another impressive performance from Edge.

The history between Edge and Orton plays a massive role in the chemistry shared between the two Superstars. Edge wanted to make his opponent pay for betraying him and ruthlessly forcing him out of action. They took turns to dominate this match on WWE RAW and looked equally vicious throughout their battle.

In the closing moments of the show, Orton was getting ready to deliver an RKO but was distracted by the music. Soon, he turned and saw Alexa Bliss sitting on the turnbuckle. Edge used this distraction to his advantage and hit the Spear, following which he pinned his opponent. This match showed us that Edge is more than ready to have one good run on WWE RAW before he eventually bids farewell to the business on his terms.

#2 Naomi wins tag team title opportunity for herself and Lana on WWE RAW

Naomi stole the show this week
Naomi stole the show this week

This week on WWE RAW, three teams locked horns for an opportunity to challenge Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Asuka and Charlotte Flair, who lost the same title on Sunday desperately wanted an opportunity to regain their championships. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke also looked determined to go after the tag team gold.

However, it was Naomi who stole the spotlight when she competed in this match alongside Lana. After an impressive performance at Royal Rumble, Naomi upped her game on WWE RAW when she took the fight to the biggest names on the roster. She was electric throughout this bout and got the better of all her opponents.

In the end, she was enjoying a good exchange with Charlotte Flair before Ric Flair, and Lacey Evans made an appearance. Charlotte Flair tagged herself out and walked backstage. Naomi then attacked a distracted Asuka and pinned her to win the title opportunity for herself and Lana. It was good to see Naomi back inside the ring, and she is looking better than ever.

#3 Bobby Lashley brutalizes Riddle on WWE RAW

Bobby Lashley was brilliant this week
Bobby Lashley was brilliant this week

Bobby Lashley arrived on this week’s episode of WWE RAW with revenge on his mind. He was not happy with how he was eliminated from the Royal Rumble match and was undoubtedly unhappy with the way Riddle had taunted him. This week, he locked horns with Riddle with his United States Championship on the line.

Lashley delivered a dominant performance on WWE RAW during his title match against Riddle. He barely gave his opponent a chance to breathe. Their battle ended in a disqualification after Lashley continued to hold Riddle in the Hurt Lock against the ropes. Following the match, he continued to do the same until he drove Riddle through the barricade.

It is expected that the two WWE RAW Superstars will lock horns for the title once again and we could see this title bout transpire at Elimination Chamber. Given Lashley’s current form, he deserves more opportunities to challenge for the world title on the Red brand. It will be interesting to see if he can add more to his current run on WWE RAW.

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