WWE Rumors Roundup: Roman Reigns Royal Rumble 2021 opponent, Bayley Dream Wrestlemania plan and more

#5 WWE News: Roman Reigns’ Royal Rumble 2021 opponent revealed

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - Roman Reigns' Royal Rumble 2021 opponent revealed - Sports Info Now


We see last week on SmackDown episode, Jey Uso attacked Daniel Bryan backstage. He cost Bryan a match on the show against Sami Zayn.

Now WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020 stated about Roman Reigns’ Royal Rumble 2021 plans. After seeing the end of Daniel Bryan vs. Sami Zayn’s match on SmackDown, it looks like WWE penciled Roman Reigns’ opponent for Royal Rumble 2021.

Roman Reigns could be set to face a former WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble

Here are WWE Latest News and Rumors:

“They did that finish and Daniel Bryan’s the guy who’s at least for right now scheduled to face Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble.”

We previously discussed that Roman Reigns’ possible opponent for Royal Rumble is could be Daniel Bryan and now this thing is almost confirmed. Now we have to wait sometime to officially kick off this feud and we may see this right after TLC pay per view.

Daniel Bryan could be Roman Reigns’ WWE Royal Rumble opponent

Here are WWE latest updates for 2020:

“The one thing is that, when it comes to Daniel Bryan, a lot of what happens with him is his own doing because he’s creative and everything. And he’s, I’m sure, very much thinking how he wants it done but, then again, this has happened before too. I mean, there were periods there a couple of years ago when they were going to do the big Roman Reigns-Daniel Bryan program that they never got to. I mean, it just never ended up that way. They brought Erick Rowan into the program and they never even got to Daniel Bryan. So, this could happen again.”

As per the current scenario, Roman Reigns set to face Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble 2021. But what for TLC 2020 pay per view, So maybe WWE could book Jey Uso vs. Daniel Bryan match at the TLC show. For Roman Reigns, looks like Kevin Owens could face him for Universal Championship.

This is the top WWE Breaking News from WWE Rumors Roundup: Roman Reigns Royal Rumble 2021 opponent, Bayley Dream Wrestlemania plan, and more.

#4 WWE Rumors: Bayley talked about her dream plans for Wrestlemania

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Bayley talked about her dream plans for Wrestlemania - Sports Info Now

Since Bayley makes a heel turn last year, she had a great run in WWE with SmackDown Women’s Championship. She gives amazing feuds and matches during her historic title run. She holds SmackDown Women’s Championship for 380 days.

Recently Sasha Banks show her dream plans for the main event Wrestlemania that is she wants to face Bayley at the biggest stage of them all. In the recent interview, She talked about what she wants in Wrestlemania in the future. She said that she is a big fan of Hayley Williams, So she wants her to play out for her at Wrestlemania in the future.

Bayley on her dream WrestleMania moment

Here are Bayley’s words:

“To be honest, I have mentioned it to the WWE music producer and we talked about it for last year but this was like in the beginning — or no, I guess it would’ve been this year. The beginning of this year. So before the pandemic, before we knew that WrestleMania was gonna be in front of nobody and we were actually trying to figure out how to get that going and how to make it work. Like we were having phone calls about it, and then all this happened and we couldn’t do it. So, we’ll see. I’m never gonna stop trying because that’s a dream moment for me and a dream WrestleMania moment for me so Hayley Williams, let’s do it, come on.”

Earlier, Hayley Williams told that Bayley can use her song Simmer for her entrance at Wrestlemania 37. Now it’s interesting to see if Hayley Williams come personally and sing the song at Wrestlemania 37.

This is the top WWE Headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: Roman Reigns Royal Rumble 2021 opponent, Bayley Dream Wrestlemania plan, and more.

#3 WWE Updates: WWE add a stipulation in RAW’s Triple Threat Match

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - WWE add a stipulation in RAW's Triple Threat Match - Sports Info Now

For this week’s RAW episode, WWE book Triple Threat #1 contender match for the WWE championship. This match featured AJ Styles, Matt Riddle, and Keith Lee and the winner will face Drew McIntyre at TLC 2020 pay per view.

As per the WWE’s official announcement, WWE adds one stipulation in this match which is the ‘Sudden Death Triple Threat Match’. So now it’s interesting to see this battle between three top WWE superstars.

This Sudden Death Stipulation is a form of the match where the match ends as soon as one competitor is going ahead with others and declare him as the winner of the match. So now fans wondering how this stipulation gives an impact on this match.

WWE adds a stipulation to Triple Threat match on RAW

If you want to know our thought on this then, we think heel superstar like AJ Styles or Braun Strowman if come into the match and WWE still has plans do a match of Braun Strowman vs. Drew McIntyre at TLC will get benefit from this stipulation. Both play their heel tactics and pick up a win in the match and face Drew McIntyre.

Because of this stipulation and heel tactics, the other two face superstars did not show weak in the match and the heel superstar won. So we go with AJ Styles or Braun Strowman who going to win this match and face Drew McIntyre at TLC.

#2 WWE Spoilers: Kevin Owens sends a message to Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns

WWE Spoilers - Kevin Owens sends a message to Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns - Sports Info Now

We saw the last episode of SmackDown, Jey Uso tried to punish Kevin Owens on the Roman Reigns’ order. But things are changed suddenly and Kevin Owens gives a brutal attack on Jey Uso.

In the Talking Smack episode, Paul Heyman told that he wants to have a conversation with Kevin Owens who is on the schedule as a guest on the show. On the show, Paul Heyman shook the hand of former Universal Champion hand. Paul said that he has so much respect for Kevin Owens and he knew how dangerous Kevin Owens is.

Kevin Owens sends a message to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Paul also said that he knew Kevin Owens and like him even before he made his debut in WWE. No-tag team partner can trust him. In the end, he told that he looking forward to seeing a fight between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens.

In reply Kevin Owens said:

“Are you done? You seem to relish in the fact that I’m sitting here in front of you tonight. After what I did on SmackDown last night you seem to relish the fact that I’m sitting here in front of you today almost like you think this is somehow going to be good for Roman Reigns. Because, Paul, as much as I respect you, as much as I admire you, as much as I’ve looked up to you for many years, I know you really only work for one person, and it’s not Roman Reigns; it’s you.”

Kevin Owens sends a chilling personal message to Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns after SmackDown

“If you think me getting involved in this – whatever you want to call it. This thing that you have with Roman Reigns is somehow going to be positive for him. Because you just said it right, ‘a champion is only as good as the contenders he puts down’.”

“Let me just tell you this, because everything you’ve said is absolutely true. Just know this, it’s not going to be good for Roman or you. Because once Roman Reigns finds his b*lls again and stops having his cousin do his dirty work, I’ll be there. And you know what I am, Paul? I’m not a good guy, I’m not a bad guy, I’m ‘The Guy’ who beats Roman Reigns and takes his Universal Championship from him.”

After this message, Kevin Owens drops the mic and shook the hand of Paul Heyman. Paul said that he shook hand because he does not want to get hit and send his message to Roman Reigns.

#1 WWE Rumours: Braun Strowman’s injury update

WWE Rumours - Braun Strowman's injury update - Sports Info Now

Recently WWE suspended Braun Strowman for attacking WWE official Adam Pearce on RAW. This week on RAW Triple Threat match is set for the #1 contender who faces Drew McIntyre for WWE Championship at TLC 2020 pay per view.

Now WWE latest updates news suggested that Braun Strowman suffering from a knee injury right now but no one knows how serious it was. WWE News stated that this Braun Strowman’s injury may take him off from TLC 2020 pay per view which is held next month.

Update on Braun Strowman’s injury

WWE Updates told that The Winner of this Triple Threat match will face Drew McIntyre at the TLC show.

Here is WWE Spoiler:

“Real quick on Strowman. So Braun Strowman does have a knee injury because he is being treated for it. I don’t know the severity of it. The impression I have is that he’s not going to be at TLC. I mean, so I think the three-way is going to be for the spot but I don’t know that 100%. I don’t know if anyone knows…you know, from what someone told me, the writing team still thinks it’s Strowman. After Monday, I’d heard that part – the writing team still thinks it’s Strowman. You know, it’s probably not. So that’s the story with Strowman. There definitely was a knee injury involved there, so that’s the story.”

Now let’s wait for the next RAW episode and things are clear on that show.

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